Travis Etienne: Working at wide receiver will help maximize my opportunity

Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp
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Travis Etienne played running back at Clemson and he did it well enough to be the No. 25 pick in this year’s draft, but the Jaguars are asking him to do something new.

Etienne worked as a wide receiver during the team’s rookie minicamp and head coach Urban Meyer said “the worst-case scenario you have a running back with the skillset of a wide receiver and best-case scenario you have a hybrid player that can do both.” Whichever way it goes, Etienne said that the change suits him just fine.

“When I came out here, he brought me into a room, asked me how I felt about it, and I feel great about it,” Etienne said, via the team’s website. “I feel like it’s going to help me maximize my opportunity, maximize my skillset, so I feel like coach knows what he’s doing. He’s doing what’s best for the team and I feel like it’s going to work out really well. Football is a game of matchups. I feel like I create a problem outside for a linebacker. We’re just trying to get the best matchups for us to go out there and make plays and do what’s best for the team. I feel like if I really hone in on my skills and just keep working at it, work on my route running ability and really focus in on what the plan is and buy into that, we’ll make plays; we’re playmakers.”

It likely doesn’t hurt Etienne’s cross-training that he and quarterback Trevor Lawrence have so much familiarity with one another from college. Etienne caught 97 passes the last three years, so Lawrence should continue to be comfortable throwing the ball in his direction.

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  1. He played WR/Z in college. This makes a lot of sense. Deebo’s offense uses the running back as a slot receiver. The kid is an elite athlete with great hands and instincts for finding the soft spot in zone.

  2. He will be a running back when it’s contract time or give him the franchise tag. Something he and his agent should plan for.

  3. Marshall Faulk ran routes as well as any WR. It certainly won’t hurt his prospects.

  4. Kid is a little more slight of build then most RBs so I would say 10-15 touches per gm should work well for him. Say, 800 yds rushing, 50 catches & 400 yds receiving.

  5. Etienne was perhaps the best RB in the draft, and is the best RB on the Jaguars. But it’s a QB league. How many super bowls did Barry Sanders go to? What about Adrian Peterson? Christian McCaffrey recently (2019) had one of the best all time seasons as a RB, yet his Panthers went 5-11. On the other hand, Tom Brady just went to a team that hadn’t won a single playoff game in 18 years, and led them to a super bowl championship. So Urban Meyer didn’t just fall off the turnip truck. He took the Jaguars job because the best QB prospect in many years, perhaps ever, was coming out of college, and they had the #1 pick. Urban has enjoyed great success wherever he’s coached, and this will be no different. But also, it’s a 3 day mini camp. They probably didn’t even do any work on the running game. How many players showed up, 18? Just enough to throw the ball around a little, and let everyone get excited about Trevor Lawrence. Plus, with an announcement like this, season ticket sales probably increased a little. That matters too, you know.

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