Washington installing new grass at FedEx Field

New York Giants v Washington Football Team
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The Washington Football Team has played on the same grass field at FedEx Field since 1997. At times, it has looked more like dirt and spray paint.

The team, though, will begin replacing the grass and more than a foot of soil at FedEx Field this week, TheAthletic.com reports.

The project will take approximately two months, and team officials expect the new grass to hold up through the end of Washington’s lease at the stadium in 2027.

“We’ve resodded more often, and we’ve done other things strategically to improve the surface, and it’s gotten better the last couple of years,” Chris Bloyer, the team’s senior vice president for operations and guest experience, told TheAthletic.com. “But this is really a big move in the direction of a vast improvement. Let’s say they were not baby steps, but close, in how it was getting better year over year the last few years. This is a significant renovation and will be much different.”

The project, led by head groundskeeper Pete Benevento, will remove 5,000 cubic yards of soil. That will fill 500 dump trucks, per TheAthletic.com, and take the field down to the heating system.

Workers then will install more than 2 miles of drainage pipe and a new irrigation system.

Washington will use the same GameOnGrass, a type of proprietary Bermuda grass developed by Carolina Green, as the Eagles, Chiefs and Titans have in their stadiums.

11 responses to “Washington installing new grass at FedEx Field

  1. Unbelievable. How many times will they put in a “new” grass field? Grass does not grow in November, December and January (install WFT jokes here as they usually don’t play in Jan). Remember RGIII injury? Took place on a terrible grass field. All teams, and I mean all should have field turf. Drains 10″ of rain per hour, no divots or chunks coming out and actually looks good.

  2. Field Turf? You mean what the new Jets stadium has that every player was getting injured on?

  3. What a waste, as they’ll surely be seeking a new stadium soon, of course.

  4. A standard dump truck holds far more than 10 yards of dirt in both volume and weight. It’s more like 250-300 dump trucks. Just sayin.

  5. “All teams, and I mean all should have field turf.”

    Let’s see you run and get tackled on that cement hard field turf bottom.

  6. Field turf does not look good. I’m all for people having opinions but yours – I hate and object to. It looks like carpet on tv and is aesthetically hideous. How you can even surmise that it looks anywhere near as good as beautiful, well kept, natural grass is something I find to be gross and your take makes me want to vomit. Players much prefer real grass too and it’s not even close. Owners only get field turf because it’s much much cheaper to maintain, just like your cheap opinion

  7. Daniel Snyder is the “cheapest” owner in football. He has degraded the gameday experience so much that season ticket holders, like me, who waited 25 years for the opportunity to purchase season tickets have gladly given them up. One escalator for the entire upper deck; charging an incredible amount for parking on land the team owns; an awful sound system; refusing to give the band and cheerleaders the benefits they deserve; a food experience that is not only grossly overpriced, but limited and mediocre; advertising ticket sales in opponents markets diminishing any home team advantage the team once had; limiting or eliminating tailgating, are inly a few of the unacceptable elements in going to Fed Ex . I could go on and on, but perhaps the most egregious slight was the acceptance of a playing surface that is the laughing stock of the league. Every year I waited for improvement or replacement, but none came. It is only now, with ticket sales plummeting, and merchandise sales at incredible lows, (it is actually difficult to give away Washington football tickets) that Snyder is begrudgingly making some improvements. All the stories about Daniel Snyder not being a “good guy” are probably not only true, but actually understated

  8. This franchise needs a legit team name in the worst way. Please change the name to Sentinels. Once Washington gets a real name, the rest of these issues will fall into place. WASHINGTON SENTINELS FOREVER!!!

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