Matt Ryan: I don’t know what offense would look like without Julio Jones

Atlanta Falcons v San Francisco 49ers
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The prospect of a trade involving wide receiver Julio Jones after June 1 has come up this offseason and the Falcons aren’t saying it is off the table, which could make for an interesting couple of weeks in Atlanta.

If a trade does go down, it would mean quarterback Matt Ryan has to adjust to playing a season without Jones for the first time since 2010. Ryan said “I don’t know” during a Tuesday press conference when asked about what the offense would look like without Jones, but he knows it would have a major effect on how he operates in 2021.

“He’s probably impacted my career more significantly than any other player,” Ryan said, via Michael Rothstein of

With Calvin Ridley, first-round pick Kyle Pitts, Hayden Hurst, and Russell Gage on hand, Ryan would still have places to go with the ball should Jones move on to another team. That might make it easier for the Falcons to move forward with a deal, although Jones’ contract will remain an obstacle if it isn’t reworked one way or another.

7 responses to “Matt Ryan: I don’t know what offense would look like without Julio Jones

  1. Saying all the right things. He played half the season without him last year. He knows exactly what it’s like.

    The real answer is something like “upgrade the line so I’m not constantly sacked and a running back and we will score 30-plus nearly every game. The real question is whether our defense will ever stop anybody.”

  2. The obvious answer is, ‘Different.’ Remove one player and it changes the dynamic of the TEAM. That goes for all players, all teams.

  3. Love Julio, but he missed several games last year with injury. Those games are what the offense would look like without Julio, but add in Kyle Pitts to make up for his absence. I think the Falcons would be just fine without Ju, but I really want to see that aerial attack with all of these guys and seeing Ju line-up with Pitts!

  4. collectordude says:
    May 18, 2021 at 11:48 am

    The same as it looked when it lost in the super bowl.


    So… outright dominant? Because it was for most of that game…

  5. Matt Ryan should send part of his paycheck to Julio… Ryan wouldn’t be making the money he’s making without Julio carrying him for the best part of the last decade.

  6. Trading Julio makes no sense but guys like Peter King and Florio are desperate for it.

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