Report: Washington gives Morgan Moses permission to seek a trade

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After 97 starts over seven seasons, right tackle Morgan Moses appears to have played his final game with the Washington Football Team.

Washington has given Moses permission to seek a trade, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports.

Moses is scheduled to make $7.75 million in 2021.

Washington drafted tackle Samuel Cosmi in the second round, so the plan likely is to make him the right tackle. The team recently signed left tackle Charles Leno, who started every game at left tackle for the Bears the past five seasons.

Washington also has veteran depth in Geron Christian Sr., a third-round choice in 2018 who made six starts at left tackle last season, and Cornelius Lucas, who made eight starts at left tackle last season. Saahdiq Charles, a fourth-round choice in 2020 who played two snaps as a rookie before going on injured reserve, can play tackle.

24 responses to “Report: Washington gives Morgan Moses permission to seek a trade

  1. If the Bears plan to use Tevon Jenkins on the left side, then maybe offer a late round pick for Moses so he can man the right side. That or wait and see if WFT releases him.

    I’m very skeptical about putting a rookie on the blindside, but I’m pretty sure they’ll slide some help that way. But if the experiment doesn’t work, they could swap him and a veteran like Moses, allowing the rookie to play at his natural position while leaning on a seasoned vet as a stop gap/bridge.

  2. Charles is awful. Hopefully he doesn’t see the field for them or they’re in trouble.

  3. Kinda rough that they sat on him for most of the offseason and now he has to try and find a team when most of the available cap has been allocated by teams.

  4. Teams take notice; Moses can part the sea of defenders and lead you to the promised end zone!

  5. Remember when every time this happened people linked the released guy to the Browns?
    I’m glad those days are over

  6. Another shady dealing of the Washington football team. Second guy to get screwed this month. No wonder any big time free agents don’t sign in the off season..

  7. No offense to Morgan, who has been the consulate professional, but I have always felt as though Moses was soft. I just see it in his stance and personality. If I am a GM building a franchise, I want my tackles to be gritty and mean.

  8. Unless someone really wants him he can be picked up off waivers in a few months.

  9. I thought he was better last year than in previous years but I don’t have a problem as a fan that they’re getting rid of him,,,he’s serviceable and I can see him in New England or Pittsburgh,,,I feel we should drafted another left tackle instead of a long snapper

  10. As a Washington fan, I’m baffled by this. Moses is a true warrior.

    He went in to play left tackle for a game last season and looked great! He’s played every game is a leader.. I don’t get this move at all.

    I understood letting Ryan Kerrigan move on, but this makes no sense to me at all.

  11. Might be more about what they see in Cosmi than any slight on Moses. He’s a good dependable RT. Hopefully he lands in a good spot and WFT gets a 3rd or 4th

  12. I’m really sorry to hear the Washington team wanting to part ways with Moses. However,I vehemently oppose cutting him out right.
    He may have appeared in 16 games last year but he did not play in 16 games last year. He plays extremely hard but sadly his body is not holding up for him these often shown being helped to the sidelines more often than not nowadays.
    I admire his dedication and thinking he makes a worthy plug-in when needed I just don’t think his body could hold up for the most of the season.

  13. Moses Morgan has played well… but I think he soured on the team because of the Trent Williams thing… ever since he’s been suspect, no way they are cutting him, he’ll either sit out which I’m sure doesn’t want to do or he’ll play in DC… if they trade him you gotta get high 3rd rounder for a decent starting RT

  14. As a lifelong UVA and WFT fan, I liked Moses, I really did, but you guys are out of touch. He’s been held together with popsicle sticks and duct tape for 3 years now and tries to make up for his limitations by holding too much. He’s been the cause of way too many plays coming back. Morgan, thanks for everything you’ve done but I wish you success elsewhere.

  15. Kinda surprising mainly since he had a really good year last year. If this occurred in 2020 then I’d get why

  16. Unless you’re hurting for RT, waiting to make a run at him after he is cut & clears waivers seems to be the best move. He is rated as being in the top 10 for his position, so clearly he needs to be looked at by teams. Giving up a late round pick is worth it for a potential starting player. But again, he isn’t worth it if you already have a serviceable/decent RT.

  17. Unfortunate but necessary move to sure-up Jonathan Allen’s extension. There are adults running the team now.

  18. Moses is tired of playing on a team with no name. Please rename the team Sentinels. Go with Washington Sentinels! WFT is an embarrassment.

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