Jalen Hurts: I’m not above competition, rent’s due every day

Washington Football Team v Philadelphia Eagles
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Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni has resisted calling Jalen Hurts the team’s starting quarterback since getting the job in January and said that his biggest focus is on Hurts “trying to get better every single day.”

Hurts met with the media on Wednesday for the first time since Carson Wentz was traded to the Colts and he said he’s just fine with that approach. He said he’s “not above anything with competition” while sounding like he’s on the same page with Sirianni about what should be the center of his attention.

“No one is above that,” Hurts said. “Everybody’s got to go to work. Rent is due every day. It’s always been that way for me. Always been a get better mentality every day. Grow every day, be a better leader every day, be a better quarterback every day. When that rent’s due, I don’t plan on missing payments.”

The Eagles signed Joe Flacco after trading Wentz and Hurts said the veteran’s knowledge has been beneficial since they’ve started working together. Whatever’s said about competition in May, things will have taken a wrong turn if Flacco’s playing any role but that one come the fall.

18 responses to “Jalen Hurts: I’m not above competition, rent’s due every day

  1. Flacco is only needed if your starter goes down. Good lucks to anyone trying to take that starting QB away from Hurts. He is young, but he is showing great leadership qualities.

  2. Not an Eagles fan but Hurts has been easy to root for going back to his college days.

  3. No idea if he will succeed in the NFL, but he has always had a great attitude and been a leader.

  4. Sounds like if the offensive line is halfway decent in the preseason and the new receiver lives up to billing they’ll start Flacco

  5. Flacco not taking any ones job except the guy holding the clip board.

  6. No one is above competition. That’s why Wentz isn’t there anymore. Guy couldn’t handle it. Good luck Indy.

  7. He had to leave Alabama because he wasn’t good enough, then he took Carson’s job and didnt do good. Coming from a Lions fan at least we have hope, seems like a mess there.

  8. As a former fan let me assure you, all you need to keep Flacco on the bench is a pulse and to interact periodically with your teammates on the sideline. You should be good.

  9. People say they love hearing Hurts talk but all he does is talk in cliches. Anyone who wants to thumbs down this, go back and listen to ANY interview with him and that’s all you get. Nothing of actual substance.

  10. When Carson puts up MVP numbers this season and Jalen is bottom 5 in every statistical category, we all will be wishing we had our former perceived egotist and selfish QB at the helm rather than a “ good team first “ guy. Give me talent over harmony anyway. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a great team first guy but has never been to the playoffs in his career. Character doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t have the juice to back it up.

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