Jim McMahon: Bill Belichick’s a “lying piece of sh-t”

Jim McMahon
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Nearly six years ago, former NFL quarterback Jim McMahon characterized former Browns (and current Patriots) coach Bill Belichick as a liar. Earlier today, McMahon opted for a more colorful term.

“Lying piece of shit.”

McMahon reached his conclusion after the Browns cut McMahon during 1995 training camp, and after Belichick suggested to McMahon that he’d be re-signed by the team.

“After training camp [Belichick] called me in and says, ‘Hey we’re gonna have to release you. We’ve got a lot of guys hurt. We need some roster spots,'” McMahon said on 850 ESPN Cleveland. “Then he said, ‘Hey no. But we really want you, we need you here.’ I said what are you telling me, Bill? He goes, ‘I want you to move here.’ If I’m gonna be here. I move my family here. They’re gonna be here for six months with me. I gotta find a hockey team for my sons. They were big into hockey at the time. So don’t screw me around. And he said ‘We’re gonna take care of you. . . . We’ll pay you to sit out.’

If true, that alone reflects a violation of the rules. Obviously, a non-player can’t be paid by a team to be available to the team whenever the team wants to sign him.

“So I called my attorney and said, ‘Can I trust this guy, he said they’re gonna pay me to sit out? He said it’s probably only gonna be one or two weeks.’ So I ended up finding a house . . . to rent, found a hockey team for my sons. So I called in the first week on a Friday to get my check and get the runaround. I’m thinking first week jitters. The second week I called in for my check, got the runaround again. I sat here for seven weeks doing nothing in Cleveland. . . . They finally signed me back Week Seven or Eight.

“I dressed three games — the eight, nine and ten weeks — and I got those checks. I confronted the G.M. at the time, what the hell was his name, Lombardi? He’s coming down the hallway and I said, ‘Hey man, I need my money. My wife was just in a wreck and I don’t want to deal with insurance.’ He looks at me and says, ‘Well, maybe we’ll pay you, maybe we wont.’ And I lost it. I just snapped. I grabbed him by the neck and threw his head against the wall and said, ‘You’re gonna pay me my money.” Then I started realizing what I was doing and I’m looking around the hallway to see if there were any cameras. I stopped hitting him and he slid down the wall.”

“I walked into the training room and called my attorney and said, ‘Hey get me cut right now.’ He called me back within two minutes and said they’ll release you if that’s what you want. So I had just walked out of the QB meeting to go to the rest room and all this had just happened in ten minutes. So I walk back into the QB meeting — it was Vinny Testaverde, myself and Eric Zeier and just said ‘Hey boys, I’ll see you all later. I’m outta here’ The coach said, ‘Have you talked Bill?’ I said, “You can tell Bill to kiss my ass. He’s a lying piece of shit.’ Then I was gone. The very next day I was up in Green Bay.”

McMahon won a second Super Bowl ring as the backup to Brett Favre in Green Bay to cap the 1996 season, McMahon’s last year in football.

44 responses to “Jim McMahon: Bill Belichick’s a “lying piece of sh-t”

  1. Most enjoyable read I’ve had in a while. They don’t make characters like Jim McMahon anymore.

  2. So Jim got mad that a verbal agreement wasn’t met even though there was nothing in writing, and then commits assault? How many concussions did he have?

  3. Why would McMahon go out of his way to tell a story that makes him look like such a giant POS?

  4. Love it! One big-mouth, spoiled brat telling a control freak coach to stick it. Haha. No sympathy for either one.

  5. I’m not buying that the GM said “maybe we will, maybe we won’t”. it’s just not a logical response to a player on your team. maybe the GM gave him some BS story, which I would believe. but it seems like an embellishment of what probably really happened. which then makes his entire story less credible.

  6. A Jim McMahom rendition of a story? Something tells me it’s not true and slants to make him look like he was in the right or the good guy battling pure evil.

  7. Is it supposed to be news that Belichick has cheated, again? Some say he’s a genius and best coach of all time…some say he’s the nfl’s most successful cheater of all time.

  8. I love me some McMahon…man pulls no punches and tells it like it is through his eyes!

  9. Can this guy get way way way more interviews? Entertainment at it’s finest.

  10. There are only 32 of these jobs, and thousands of men who would love to have one of them. I think it’s rare to land one without having a dirtbag side. I’m no Belichick fan, but I’ll best most coaches have people who could tell similar stories about them.

  11. So, in McMahons world its a crime to not pay someone money for doing nothing, but beating up a guy in the hallway is OK.

    Got it.

  12. Knowing what I do about Lombardi, I’m not the least bit surprised. He likely got exactly what he deserved in that hallway.

  13. This is the best news ive heard in weeks! Bless this guy for spilling the beans on a great story! im sure its a little wrong from both sides but who cares?

  14. According to McMahon’s own words, he assaulted Lombardi. I wonder why charges were not filed?

  15. Just Bill being Bill. And he won just as many rings with Jim McMahon as he did with anybody else not named Brady.

  16. The media was reporting back then that Art Modell was paying players late because of his cash flow problems. Keenan McCardel was actually being held out of games so he didn’t hit performance bonuses.

  17. From what the local media reported about BB, Modell, and Lombardi back in those days, I believe this is probably pretty close to the truth. BB finds undervalued veteran player and offers him A shady deal to come play. Modell can’t afford to pay him. Lombardi relishes doing the actual dirty work of not paying him so the other two have clean hands with the players and league office. Also, McMahon losing his mind and hitting someone. This is all on brand for each personality.

  18. This man is worried about money but thought it was cool to ne fined by the NFL for wearing a head band. Idiot.

  19. A man’s word is supposed to be his word. He moved his family and expected to get paid, bottom line. Some of these responses are soft as hell, “Roid Rage”.

  20. Could he be sued now by Lombardi after he admitted the assault in an interview?

  21. According to most sports fans, because McMahon has two rings, he is a better quarterback than Aaron Rodgers.

  22. I always liked McMahon, a lot of *hit came out of his mouth. Case in point.

  23. Will Mike Lombardi put this anecdote in the next edition of Gridiron Genius?

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