Knee injury has kept Antonio Brown from signing his new contract with the Buccaneers

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Three weeks ago today, Antonio Brown‘s agent told multiple reporters that the veteran receiver had agreed to terms on a return to the Buccaneers. However, Brown has not yet returned to the Buccaneers.

Appearing Tuesday on the Pewter Report Podcast, Bucs coach Bruce Arians said Tuesday that Brown’s re-signing has been delayed by the fact that Brown has a knee injury that requires surgery.

He has to pass the physical,” Arians said. “Hopefully we’ll have a scope on Tuesday, he’s getting his knee cleaned out, and everything will work out fine. It’s just a matter of a physical.”

It’s unclear why Brown didn’t have the procedure at some point between the conclusion of Super Bowl LV (in which he played) and now. He dealt with a knee injury during the postseason, missing the NFC Championship due to it. It’s possible that surgery has been necessary all along. It’s also possible that something has happened since Super Bowl LV to make surgery necessary.

It’s also unclear whether Brown showed up for a physical and failed it, necessitating the surgery.

“We wanted AB back,” Arians said. “He was a model citizen the whole time he’s been here. We wanted him back and he’s never had surgery in his life. It’s just a matter of [getting a] physical done. I wanted him back the whole time.”

Arians is downplaying the situation. A chance remains that the glass isn’t half full on this one. Although every surgery on every NFL player is instantly declared a success and every NFL player who has any surgery is instantly declared to be ahead of schedule in his return, Brown (who turns 33 on July 10) has to recover from the procedure and get himself to the point where he can pass a physical.

Unless and until Brown passes a physical, he’s not a member of the Buccaneers. Maybe it really is no big deal. But consider this: Other than last year, when the pandemic complicated significantly the process of taking physicals, how often does it take more than three weeks before a player who has agreed to terms takes and passes a physical?

19 responses to “Knee injury has kept Antonio Brown from signing his new contract with the Buccaneers

  1. Some of the best medical procedures are done in Florida, I believe AB will be fine. He’s never had a surgery done before, probably has anxiety.

  2. Why delayed a needed surgery? Well, one thought is … You know the team wants you & exactly how much $$ they’ll give you. If you believe it’ll be a relatively quick, uncomplicated recovery time, then you “just happen” to miss mandatory minicamp by having surgery now. Possibly the team takes it easy on you in Training Camp practices, playing it safe with your newly rehabbed knee. A very easy Spring/Summer for you. … Of course, this plan only actually works if your assumptions are correct about the nature/extent of surgery & recovery. And only if you’re assumptions are correct about how much the team really needs you & your salary – compared to a rookie or FA who’s actually practicing & demonstrates they can play as good as or even better (& cheaper) than you.

  3. Don’t worry, he’ll also be in the best shape of his life and ready to give 110% after the successful surgery and being ahead of schedule.

  4. His knee probably buckled under the weight of all his legal issues. Perhaps he should’ve had a brain scan, as well.

  5. It’s unclear why Brown didn’t have the procedure at some point between the conclusion of Super Bowl LV (in which he played) and now…………………….Because he’s still a village idiot.

  6. Knee cleaned out = HES DONE SON. Even the tb12 method can’t overcome a bum knee!!!

  7. Why didn’t the Bucs front office give Brown a head’s up that he’d injure his knee? Don’t they understand how to treat modern-day NFL players?

  8. If the recovery time lingers into training camp, limiting the amount of time he has to spend in practice, you probably have your answer. Veteran player doing whatever he can to avoid preseason work.

  9. “Florida man” here, born and raised in Tampa, couldn’t be happier that we’re pretty much center of sports universe for the most part as it pertains to hockey and football, and obviously grateful for Super Bowl and even thankful for AB’s contribution, but man it was really is kind of embarassing to be associated with this moron even as a fan, and make no mistake about it, he is certifiable. I’m really really glad that 99% of the team is atleast likeable, because this dude I really hard to like

  10. Everybody assumes that arthroscopic surgery is the way to go, and of course all surgeons say that, naturally, but it isn’t definitively the way to go. There are downsides to it.

    Lots of people choose to rehab rather than go under the knife. Since AB has never had surgery before, you have to wonder if maybe he’s successfully rehabbed his knee before and thought he could do it again. It might be just that simple. It might not be some kind of crazy machinations.

  11. Did this injury just occur? Because seems awfully late to be getting surgery if this was a carryover from last season. And how would you like to be his agent negotiating a contract with the possibility looming he’ll miss time recovering? Take whatever you were hoping to ask for and just cut it in half because the team won’t want to play for games he probably won’t be available for.

  12. While I suspect there is more to the story, I get the impression it’s not that interesting. Maybe he tweaked his knee. Maybe he realized he needed surgery after trying to rehab. Maybe there is interest on both sides for delaying the contract. Maybe a combination of things.

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