Austin Jackson sees difference in Tua Tagovailoa from last year

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
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Earlier this week, Dolphins coach Brian Flores lauded the progress his quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa, has made since last season.

“He’s more comfortable with just his surroundings,” Flores told The Joe Rose Show, via the Palm Beach Post. “More comfortable being in a huddle. Giving his cadence. Going through his communication. Those little things that nobody really talks about. He’s said this. He’s said he feels much more comfortable doing those things. I think having a year under his belt will really help him.”

Offensive lineman Austin Jackson, who arrived in the first round with Tagovailoa last year, made a joke when asked how different Tagovailoa looks this year.

“He’s got a beard and a little deeper bass in his voice,” Jackson said Thursday, via Safid Deen of the Sun Sentinel. “I haven’t looked at his biceps.

“He’s been working hard every single day just like all of us. That’s my guy. He’s looking good, too. He’s been working hard.”

Tagovailoa went 6-3 in his nine starts last season, throwing 11 touchdowns with five interceptions and posting an 87.1 passer rating.

14 responses to “Austin Jackson sees difference in Tua Tagovailoa from last year

  1. Gee, I was expecting him to say “He looks worse. We’re in big trouble. This is brilliant.

  2. He’ll be lights out better than last year. Miami should have a better running game with a years experience on the oline. With Waddle and fuller, the rest of the league better watch out.

  3. Yes, but has he regained any resemblance of the arm strength he had at Alabama? Last year he was looking rather Pennington-esque at times. Wondering if the hip injury has affected his ability to drive the football?

  4. LOL does he no longer throw ducks on anything past five yards and is he no longer in need of a “relief pitcher” later in the game? What a joke the Dolphins have become. What made up excuse that nobody else uses are they going to have for him this year?

  5. Just talking him up before the swap’em out for Watson, so they will not have to give up to many draft picks. This happens all the time. It is called fools gold.

  6. I believe in Tua and if you don’t then what the hell was all the hype about?

  7. Tua is no longer a rookie recovering from a serious injury, and the pressure will be on him this year. The Dolphins passed up a chance to draft a QB high, and if Tua is the next Teddy Bridgewater/Sam Bradford then they are going to be in a tough situation. They will be too good to draft a QB high, so they either get ripped off trading up, or hope for the best and draft whatever QB falls to them. That can work eventually, but you will have a few duds along the way.

  8. Like most 2nd year QBs and players a year after their injury return, Tua is going to be noticeably better. The Dolphins are going to be a tough opponent this season.

  9. Tua is going to have a big year and take the Dolphins with him. No quick hook this year; there won’t be any need.

  10. Look up Tua’s stats against the raiders, broncos, and bills and try and say with a straight face that Tua showed potential last year. From week 11 to week 17 Tua was awful. There were multiple games where the opposing qb had more passing yards in the first half than Tua had the whole game. There were games where the opposing teams running backs had more yards rushing than Tua had in passing yards. Jacoby Brisket is no fitzmagic and will leave a lot to be desired when Tua gets yanked in the 3rd quarter of his games, Miami is in for a long season.

  11. Well let’s see!
    What made Tua great I college?
    His accuracy on short to medium passes and his ability to place the ball in front of the reciever,allowing him to continue the route at full speed. Tannehill continually gave away yards after the catch throwing the ball to the body of his receivers by comparison,that got them injured as well. Last year we only had one receiver with the ability to get open in short areas and he dropped the ball too much,Grant.Now we have four of them and good luck to teams trying to figure out which one is going deep and which is running the slant. Tua can hit those windows underneath all day and then use that to set up the deep ball. The talent on this offense fits Tua really well. He should have a great year.

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