Bruce Arians isn’t going anywhere, any time soon

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There was a Super Bowl Sunday Splash! report suggesting that a win by the Bucs could send coach Bruce Arians back into retirement. That report immediately was dismissed as “100 percent BS,” and B.A. has made it clear that he’s not leaving any time soon.

Arians said in a recent appearance on the Pewter Report Podcast that his plans are simple: Keep going, even if that means still going after quarterback Tom Brady retires.

“Oh yeah, that’s the plan,” he said. “I don’t have any plans on retiring. It’s just, when do I not want to go back to work? When I’m not excited about going back to work then I’m cheating somebody. I’m cheating the Glazer family, I’m cheating my players. Right now I can’t wait to get back to work. I don’t know when that’s going to happen, but no, I’m not tied to any players.”

Arians has a new quarterback in Kyle Trask. Arians said he could get excited working with a young quarterback, post-Brady.

“I could get extremely excited about having another young quarterback and going to war with one,” Arians said. “I’ll be honest with you. I’d be excited to take Blaine Gabbert to war because I love Blaine Gabbert. I think he is the most underrated player in the NFL. So yeah, when it’s not fun, then it will be time.”

Arians is 68, and his health and fitness will always be an issue.

“Everything’s great,” Arians said. “I lost all that weight during the season, but just gained it all back. I have to lose it again, but other than that I got a good, clean bill of health man. I’m still a C-plus. I’m good.”

And, yes, Arians actually said Blaine Gabbert is the most underrated player in the NFL. I may have buried the lede.

22 responses to “Bruce Arians isn’t going anywhere, any time soon

  1. I have a feeling once they go into rebuild mode (every team does), he’ll reconsider. Once he knew Carson Palmer was done in AZ, he was also done.

  2. I’m sure he’ll want to stop coming to work about 2 minutes after Brady retires.

  3. He;s already retired 3 times. A football life showed him and his wife talking about leaving the Az Cards, he was done then.

  4. I’d bet money he’s not around in 2-3 years when Brady finally retires and Trask becomes the starter. But he’s not walking away as long as Brady is upright.

  5. Theory 1: Gabbard looked much better in SF than he did as a rookie in Jacksonville. With BA coaching and his physical skills, maybe he is underrated.

    Theory 2: Talk him up to get trade value from someone desperate for a decent backup.

    I’m going with Theory 1.

  6. I don’t share Ariens’ enthusiasm for Gabbert. As best, Gabbert is a stop gap career backup. You won’t win enough games with Gabbert under center to challenge contender. Sorry Bruce, the war would be over at that point. Gabbert is not underrated. Gabbert has shown exactly what he is, journey at best.
    Like many. I think the minute Brady retires, Ariens will also. That is unless Ariens sees something in Trask that is Brady like. Then maybe…

  7. When I think of Bruce and and all the fun he’s having I also have to think of Bill in New England and the hell he is going through. (snicker snicker snicker)

  8. He’ll retire when the Brady ride is over, as BB is realizing he should have done considering as a head coach, he had a losing record pre and now post Brady. Kind of like Shanny pre and post Elway.

  9. Coach Arians said this “I love Blaine Gabbert. I think he is the most underrated player in the NFL.” That alone, tells me he needs to retire.

  10. malcomreynolds says:

    Kyle Shanahan disagrees.


    Kyle Shanahan just drafted a guy with probably the shortest resume meaning the least experience in college SO definitely NO where near pro ready…
    Not really a good reference to go by!

  11. He’ll be alright as he doesn’t believe that he can actually coach. Thevsmartest thing he did last year was to get the hell out of the way.

  12. He’ll stay until it isn’t fun, which means when the Ls start piling up, which just happens to be when Brady exits Tampa for retirement or otherwise.

  13. Arians will be gone at seasons end. TB most overrated team in the league. Congrats on the SB win, only because they got hot and GB and KC gave games away.

  14. Best wishes to the Bucs. We share a common affliction.
    @NotAPennyMore explains the relationship between the owners of both our teams.

    That said, Genuine best wishes to you and the players.

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