Ezekiel Elliott’s dogs send two to hospital with injuries

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Three dogs owned by Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott were running loose in Frisco, Texas with one of them, a rottweiler, having bitten two people and sent them to the hospital with injuries.

According to Tom Steele of the Dallas Morning News, Elliott was cited by police for three counts of animal-at-large with the rottweiler being put on a mandatory 10-day quarantine hold. The victims were taken to a hospital for evaluation with non-life threatening injuries.

An investigation is ongoing but no charges have been filed as of yet.

It’s the second time Elliott’s dogs have been the subject of an investigation. Elliott was sued last year after a separate incident when a woman on-site at Elliott’s residence to clean his pool was bitten by the dogs. She claimed that all three dogs had bitten her with the rottweiler dragging her by the arm. The lawsuit said she needed surgery for her arm injury and will likely be scarred for life.

Additionally, that lawsuit had claimed there had been another pool cleaner that had also been bit by Elliott’s dogs.

52 responses to “Ezekiel Elliott’s dogs send two to hospital with injuries

  1. Get ready for more lawsuits…then get ready to rid yourself of uncontrollable animals. Honestly, people who keep a dog after it already injured someone are reckless.

  2. This story sounds like a sad tale of a dog owner who doesn’t understand the responsibilities of dog life we should uphold.
    Maybe I’m wrong but with so many incidents it doesn’t appear that EE has taken his dog ownership responsibilities seriously.
    Sadly the dog is usually blamed when much of the blame falls upon the owner.

  3. I know this fool can afford to have his dogs sent to behavioral training. The fact that he hasn’t only shows how much of a bonehead he is.

  4. This dude just can’t stay out of his own way and that’s just stupidity more than anything else.

  5. No such thing as a bad dog. DEFINITELY such thing as a worthless owner who leaves his dogs alone for days on end and shows them no love.

  6. Hope that this lawsuit coming bites him hard in the bank account…

  7. What’s with men and their Dogs. Too many American men suffer from fragile ego syndrome. You see it with cars and dogs.

  8. Terrible dog owner, Zeke didn’t bother to raise his dogs right. Unless they’re rescued and he hasn’t put in the proper training. I’m surprised they’re not contained to one area or in crates when people are servicing his house or facilities.

    Anyway, you look like a capable human so train your dogs or put them away as these are terrible things to lose money and time over. SMH.

  9. Apparently Elliot loves giving away his hard earned money for doing stupid things off of the field.

  10. Bad news for the dogs it could be strike 3. But I always believe the old saying “there is no such thing as a bad dog, only a bad owner.”

  11. 2nd time? Once is heinous enough, but two times a dog attacks is beyond any excuse. If this is indeed true, he should be sued, incarcerated and be dogless for the rest of his life. He obviously is an irresponsible animal owner.

  12. Take care of your dogs Elliott.

    They will end up paying for your your responsibility.


  13. How stupid can one person be? If your dogs have a history of doing this then you should know better than to let them around strangers. It’s not that hard to keep them in the house. The sad part will be when these dogs are put down because their owner is a moron.

  14. Interesting combination of stories with the NY Giants violence and the Dallas dogs. Most people don’t surround themselves with violent animals. In fact, most people want to have a loving dog who is gentle and fun around others. But the football mentality is different. Zek wants to be around dogs that scare others. Then he doesn’t control them and now he will have to write a check to another individual. If the dog is given love, it will give love to everyone. Clearly this dog isn’t loved and now it will be put down because this is the second biting situation.

  15. I’d have a whole pile of Zeke’s money if those dogs had bitten me. Two incidents now… it’s looking like Zeke has no business owning dogs.

  16. Shame on Zeke.
    His dogs are most likely trained to attack.
    And irresponsible owner who is likely going to cost those dogs their lives. You need to do better if you want to own pets.

  17. Here is where Goodell should punish but won’t. He framed him for no reason but he’ll turn his head here.

  18. It’s quite simple, if you can’t take care of your dogs and give them proper attention and training then don’t own one loser.

  19. Most people own dogs cause they love animals….but unfortunately some people own them only because they think it makes them a tough guy.

  20. And at the end the dogs will pay for their owner’s stupidity. Sad.

  21. Time for some jail time for Elliot at this point. I guess he hasnt learned with the legal hand slap the 1st go around.

  22. Sounds more like guard dogs than pets. But no matter which, responsibility totally falls on the owner. Hope the dogs are not made to suffer due to fault of the owner.

  23. Elliott has made more than his share of bad decisions yet he continues to let them slide right off with no accountability. Remember when he pulled the woman’s shirt down exposing her? And now twice with the dogs. What else is there? He’s slippery!

  24. I expect Elliott has those dogs for security purposes. If that’s the case, it’s his responsibility to lock the dogs up when he knows the “pool” people are coming to work and to make sure there’s no way these dogs can get out in public. If Elliott can’t do these simple things then he can’t keep the dogs. Rottweilers are some scary dogs amd can be very vicious.

  25. Would be nice if this fool went to jail to learn a lesson but alas he won’t get anything because hes well known.

  26. There aren’t bad dogs, just bad owners. There are a couple legal issues at play here: (1) under the law, a dog bite is basically strict liability against the owner, particularly if they are running loose; (2) this is covered under every homeowner’s insurance policy (but he’ll now be dropped after the second bite); and (3) in most states, after two incidents, the dog is put down — which would be a shame.

  27. I own rescue pit bulls, they are very sociable because the get nothing but love and affection all the time. They are great around little kids or adults, they sleep in my bed.

    But even though they are great around people when I have friends over to play music in my studio I always put my dogs in another location where they won’t have the opportunity to misbehave even though they have never shown any bad behavioral traits.

    If my friends ask to see the dogs then I will allow the dogs to mingle. But usually the dogs stay in another building on my property when it’s band time.

  28. Dak Prescott has the same problem, his dogs have bitten multiple people.
    There needs to be accountability for people like that.
    You make an adult choice to have a dog like that, as is your right, then you are responsible and should have to face the consequences.

  29. I know this story is about Rottweilers, and an owner with the same IQ of said dog – but it should be noted that Pit Bulls should be federally outlawed.

  30. I would be interested to know if these dogs are trained guard dogs or just undisciplined.

  31. I know this story is about Rottweilers, and an owner with the same IQ of said dog – but it should be noted that Pit Bulls should be federally outlawed.

    Pitbulls were the #1 family dog in this country through the 1950s

    Irresponsible owners are the problem, not the breed.

  32. Lots of really aggressive posts on this subject. Sure, obviously Zeke should address the issue with training and / or relocation of the dogs, but jail time? NFL sanctioned punishment? Come on. This was an accident folks. Also note that it is standard procedure for people to go to the hospital if a dog bite results in the most minor of scratches because the local anti-rabies government infrastructure must continue to justify it’s existence. Zeke should lock his yard gates and force the pool guy to knock on the front door and ensure that the dogs be put up before starting work on the pool. Dogs have a hard time distinguishing between a pool guy / service technician / mailman and a home invader.

  33. I love dogs, but many dog owners are irresponsible. As others have wondered, is Zeke keeping these as guard dogs and trying to keep them aggressive? Stuff like this shouldn’t be happening more than once.

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