Justin Britt missed football in 2020, but had time to let his body fully heal

Seattle Seahawks v Cleveland Browns
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Among the many new faces joining the Texans this offseason is center Justin Britt and he’s trying to end a long stretch of time away from the field.

Britt tore his ACL in October 2019 and did not play any football last year after being released by the Seahawks in April. Britt was able to find some upsides to the extended absence from the game, including spending time with a daughter born last August and time to let his body fully heal after missing one game in six seasons prior to his knee injury.

“It’s definitely a blessing,” Britt said, via the team’s website. “Last year was the longest probably year of my life, but the most enjoyable at the same time. I missed football like crazy but I had time to take care of my body, let my body fully heal, give my knee the attention it needed.”

There’s not much experienced competition for Britt in the middle of the offensive line, so he should go into the camp as a favorite to win the job as long as he’s healthy.