NFL schedule makers expecting tight NFC East race

Washington Football Team v Philadelphia Eagles
Getty Images

The NFL schedule makers are expecting the NFC East race to go down to the wire. And they scheduled the NFC East accordingly.

The NFL loaded up the end of the season with NFC East vs. NFC East games because they believe the division is going to produce a close race that will give all those games playoff implications, NFL Director of Broadcasting Charlotte Carey said in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” today.

“We generally like to see division games at the end of the season. We think the NFC East is going to be really competitive this season so we’re excited to see how it shakes out this year,” Carey said.

Washington closes the season with five straight games against NFC East opponents. The Eagles have divisional opponents in their last four games. The Cowboys play division opponents in four of their last five and the Giants play division opponents in three of their last four. The league office is hoping for a lot of big NFC East games down the stretch.