Tim Tebow signs with Jaguars, will practice today

New York Jets Introduce Tim Tebow
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Tim Tebow is a Jaguar.

Tebow signed with the Jaguars today and will be with the team this morning for their voluntary offseason practice, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

A Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback for Jaguars coach Urban Meyer at Florida and a playoff-game-winning quarterback for the Broncos, Tebow will now try to restart his career as a tight end, a position he has never played.

Tebow was last on an NFL practice field in 2015, when he tried and failed to make the Eagles’ roster. Prior to that he was with the Patriots and also failed to make the roster.

A first-round pick of the Broncos in 2010, Tebow was in Denver for two years and then spent one year with the Jets. He last appeared in an NFL game in 2012.

53 responses to “Tim Tebow signs with Jaguars, will practice today

  1. Good for you, Tim. Good for you, Urban. Hope you prove all the naysayers wrong. If not – you both gave it your best shot.

  2. Never seen a player trying to make a comeback get more national media hate. Apparently only Kap can make a comeback. Tebow isnt playing QB, he moved on. Just like how Kap didnt want to take jobs in other leagues to show he wanted to play still. Manziel has shown more interest in playing again than Kap

  3. We now direct your attention to the ring to your right, where the entire offensive line will emerge from a mini-cooper. Welcome to the circus!
    Cue the calliope…

  4. Still a bad look for Meyer and the Jags. What’s the real angle- sidekick for Lawrence? Another year for to qualify for TT’s pension? A couple extra NFL paychecks from his buddy Urban?

  5. Good! Now to see what he can offer the team talent and skill wise. I wish him well,whatever happens from here will be earned, just as he earned his shot at a tryout by years of hard work.

  6. I hope he balls out and shuts up all his haters. It would be hilarious if he ends up being a stud at Tight End. I wish the man the best of luck.

  7. Oh no! The worst team in the league gave a pre-season roster spot to this guy instead of some other guy! How outrageous!

  8. That must mean one thing and one thing only: It’s officially TEBOW TIME!

  9. The Jags will regret this – the media circus and daily distractions will far outweigh any benefit he might bring to the team

  10. Doubt he will make the roster. However, he will work his butt off and be a living reminder that the pros are different than college

  11. Urban Meyer has clearly joined the ranks of college coaches like Steve Spurrier and Nick Saban who show up with all the confidence in the world – only to realize that coaching an NFL team is much tougher than coaching a college team. Nice move, Khan.

  12. He’s a tuff determined guy so I wouldn’t wright him off making the final 53. Goal line QB option or wild cat option might be in play for him along with some tight end work.

  13. Come on Urban do the right thing! start designing the ol’ “pitch to the Tight End who passes or runs” plays about 10 or 20 times per game, and let Tim Tebow lead us to the Super Bowl! Tebow time baby!

  14. I don’t think his play will be dynamic but he will play with the heart of a lion!

  15. If there ever was a team that needed a prayer or three it’s the Jaguars. Tebow has those in spades.

  16. Just like Brady, he’s a maniac for condition. He’ll put on 10-15 making him 255 or so.
    Watch his work outs strong as anyone on the team. Any defensive lineman or linebacker trying to muscle him is going to get a shot in the mouth. He may not be an NFL QB but he’s darn sure a football player.

  17. I LOVE this move! he prolly wont make the roster but who cares? Go Timmy!! I hope he balls out and does make the team

  18. If you want to complain about Kap, who LOST his job to Blaine “Freakin'” Gabbert….

    You must wait for Kap to switch positions.

    By switching positions Tebow has admitted he isn’t a starting NFL QB and neither was Gabbert

  19. Urban Meyer’s clock is now officially on…

  20. Can’t help but think there is an angle to this in bringing Lawrence up to speed quicker. Locker room mentor, Been there-done that experience, or just a do this-not that kind of advice. Something Meyer knows about Tebow he wants Lawrence to see or know. Not a bad move putting a Heisman QB in as a target to help a new QB. He’ll see things others might not.

  21. How dare a guy work hard and try to play a sport he loves. A man trying to play a game that so few get an opportunity at should be ashamed of himself. This is outrageous, he should be locked up for such desires. This is America, where public option is far more important than a mans dreams. Go Tebow! Prove them all wrong!

  22. MortimerInMiami says:
    May 20, 2021 at 9:15 am
    Like him or not, he’s a winner!
    Wishing him the best!

    lgw91s says:
    May 20, 2021 at 7:38 am
    Good for you, Tim. Good for you, Urban.


    I’ll never, ever understand what the obsession with this guy is. No one has ever said he wasn’t likable. No one has ever wished Ill will on him, nor should they. He was a great college player. There have been thousands like him who weren’t able to translate that into the pro game.

    The bottom line is that he’s just not good enough to be an effective player in the NFL. It’s alright to be honest about it. Let’s couple this with the fact that he’s 10 years removed from the league and attempting a position he’s never played before. If your team needs some stunt like this for the publicity, you know you’re in trouble.

    The Jaguars would be better served by having a coach who doesn’t just bring his buddy in for a goof. He should let a legitimate younger tight end prospect have a real shot at making, and potentially helping the team.

  23. Publicity stunt…I’d be surprised if he actually makes the roster. But if so, more power to him, as long as it’s based on skill.

  24. Good grief! I thought he disappeared and now here he is again grabbing undeserved headlines. Does that team have a QB?
    Oh yeah, almost forgot. They drafted one. What’s his name? Of yeah, Lawrence. He still on the team? Haven’t heard about him since….

  25. Something is desperately wrong with the NFL & coaches’ mentalities when “playoff-winning quarterback” somehow equals “never starts another game”.

  26. Come on Jerry, you can’t let the Khans one up you like that. Time to sign Johnny Manziel as a running back and Jamarcus Russell as a center. The Cowboys are Americas dysfunctional team and Urban Meyer is making your roster decisions that constantly bury your QB’s potential look reasonable.

  27. “Playoff winning QB” sounds great, but it was one game. Tebow had a career completion percentage of under 50%. He’s a good person and a good athlete, but not a very good QB.

    Tebow has no business playing in the NFL. He played for Denver and got cut by New England, NY, and Philly……as a QB. It has now been 9 years since Tebow last played and they are making him a TE.

    Even if Tebow can still catch and run routes, I have huge doubts that he can block like an NFL tight End. I still think that this is either just for show or Urban is already proving that he’s not ready to coach in the NFL.

    I may be proven wrong, and I’ll feel good for Tebow if I am, but there are so many young men that have worked their butts off actually playing as tight end, and now one less will get the chance.

  28. When you say “block like a NFL TE” do you mean like Kelce? Cause lots of guys not in the NFL can block as good as Kelce. Not comparing Tebow to Kelce but blocking is no longer a big part of many TE’s.

  29. Does his contract say he’s playing TE? Where exactly is this TE talk coming from, I haven’t seen Meyer say that’s what he’s playing. He may be a red zone weapon lining up at any of multiple positions. After all, they drafted a RB in the first round and said he’s working with the WR’s.

  30. Pretty smart move by Urban. Now all of the press will be following around Tebow all preseason instead of sniffing around him. He bought himself a lot of freedom and relieved himself of a lot of scrutinies.

  31. @donterrelli says:
    May 20, 2021 at 10:02 am

    But Gabbert is still in the league and just won a SB ring.

    That’s why my post says “he isn’t a starting NFL QB and neither was Gabbert”

    Reading is “FUN-duh-Mental

  32. Rock solid evidence that Meyer will fail as an NFL head coach. I give him 3 years max.

  33. If this isn’t an example of how privilege works, nothing is. Tebow has a privilege few have and he and his cohorts have demonstrated it time and time again. This is a PR stunt that denies a spot on the Jags to a qualified candidate. Tebow does not deserve this opportunity–he is 32, never played the position, failed in the NFL, fAiled in baseball when he didn’t deserve that opportunity either. This is how the ol’ boys network works whether it is the NFL or corporate America. Privilege gets the nod, qualifications are ignored. BTW for those dragging Kaepernick into the conversation: HE WAS BLACKBALLED from the NFL. He was not given a Tebow pass.

  34. I don’t know if he has a shot at this point, but I think he would have had a decent NFL career as a TE or an H Back if he took it up at a younger age.

  35. “Never seen a player trying to make a comeback get more national media hate.”

    Name one, just one, national media member who is hating on Tebow. Keep in mind that citing his history in the NFL and the amount of time since he last played is not hating, it is simply stating facts.

    Despite the myth that you people like to perpetuate, no one has ever expressed hatred toward Tebow for his religious beliefs, good works, or any other reason. In fact, his good character has repeatedly been praised.

  36. lgw91s says:
    May 20, 2021 at 7:38 am
    Good for you, Tim. Good for you, Urban.

    Good for you Urban? I had to throw up a little bit reading that sappiness.

  37. Football wise, his body is fresh. If it don’t pan out, no biggy and if he can play te in the NFL it just shows you how good of an athlete Tebow is. It’s a low risk move, I do not understand all the hate being thrown at this. Makes ZERO sense. On top of that, both parties will know by the end of preseason if it is going to work, heck TC might even settle it. Tebow’s a class act and if he didnt think he could do it, he wouldnt be trying.

  38. Fake the jet sweep to the right with Etienne, Tebow runs the option left with Robinson.

  39. The moral right is so disgusting. I’m perfectly OK with true Christians like Tebow. But I wonder how many “christians” on here can lay claim to being a Virgin the day before they were married. A lot of hypocrisy from the moral right

  40. Nobody is hating on Tebow. I haven’t seen one post that showed any hatred.

    People are pointing out Tebow’s record and stats, and rightly so. They arepopinting out that he hasn’t played in the NFL in 9 years.

    None of that is hate. It is just people wondering why Tebow is even getting this chance when there are so many other, young, gifted tight ends available.

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