Will the Falcons trade Julio Jones?

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It was no coincidence that multiple reports emerged only three days before the draft suggesting that Falcons receiver Julio Jones could be traded. It quickly became obvious that the Falcons would like to make Jones a post-June 1 transaction.

Jeff Schultz of TheAthletic.com takes a closer look at the various factors relevant to the effort to send the veteran wideout to a new team.

The most important dynamic, in our view, is this: Jones has a fully-guaranteed salary of $15.3 million in 2021. The Falcons want to dump that salary. The team that would be taking on the Jones contract knows it. The Falcons undoubtedly will have to pay some of that money, especially if they remain intent on getting the same second-round pick for Jones that they got two years ago for Mohamed Sanu.

The less the Falcons pay, the less they’ll get by way of draft-pick compensation.

The Falcons definitely seem ready to move on from Jones. The challenge becomes finding a trade partner who’s willing to commit the cash, cap space, and draft picks necessary to make the deal happen.

Then there’s the question of whether the team to which Jones would be traded is a team for which he wants to play. What if he wants a new contract? What if he’s not happy with the quarterback or the offense he’ll be joining?

These are all relevant considerations, and it could make it hard for the Falcons to find a suitor — unless they can find multiple teams willing to engage in a tug-of-war for Jones.

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  1. Again, like when the media blew up his contract extension 2 years ago, Julio himself has said NOTHING about ANY of this. The media has made this a story, not Julio or his camp. We don’t even know for sure the Falcons really want to trade him as suggested in this report. Pure conjecture.

  2. Terry Fontenot should talk to Belichick. The Falcons bamboozled Bill and got a second round pick for Mohamed Sanu, who only played 8 games for the Patriots before they gave up on him.

  3. The Falcons should play with Ryan, Jones, Ridley, Pitts, and, probably, Gurley (FA) for a year and see what happens. They may light it up. If they aren’t doing anything, then trade him before the deadline.

  4. I can’t see any team making this trade unless the Falcons throw in a 3rd round pick. He WAS a great player but now he is a liability as long as he has that contract. All the rumors are being generated by Atlanta with the hopes of creating a market. The teams rumored to be interested are well-run organizations so he either stays in Georgia or Falcons pay to get him off the roster

  5. PhD says:
    May 20, 2021 at 1:42 pm

    Given his background with Shanahan, SFO has to be a strong possibility.


    With what picks? A 2026 1st rounder?

  6. How about the Falcons don’t trade Julio? Wait until contract ends and then see what happens latter on.

    If they have to pay a bunch to move him and get little in return, why not just keep him and pay him the money? He’s not on a bad deal compared to other star WRs, and he’s worth more than what you’d get gambling with a 2nd draft pick.

  7. Fans think a trade can just be done lickety-split. No one is going to give you much for him. He is old and over paid. No one will want to take on that mistake of a contract.

  8. I can understand why they would want to move him, but I don’t think it makes sense. They loaded up their offense in the draft, so why immediately take a step back? Why not go for one year with all hands on deck? Drafting Pitts seems to say, we want to win now, not a few years from now.

  9. Who wouldn’t want an 32 year old receiver who has played a full 16 game season only 4 times in his 10 year career?
    Great player, but any sensible team trading for him will be searching for a bargain price with both picks given up and what money Jones expects.

  10. Cam Newton is from Atlanta and has a club there. I’m betting Julio has been there and they are friends. It won’t surprise if he wants to try playing with Cam, even after last season’s dumpster fire in NE, which is partly due to other personnel, COVID, no OTA’s, no pre-season games, etc. If Atlanta ate 1/3rd of the contract, and took the 2nd rounder, maybe it could work. NE does have almost 16 mil in cap space. They have to sign their top 3 picks still, and they like to keep 5 mil available during the season, but they can restructure a few contracts to make some space. The cap goes up next year so they won’t be strapping themselves long term. After the Sanu trade though, I’d be hesitant to give that 2nd rounder, even though Julio has been a better player. It just depends on what NE thinks he has left in the tank.

  11. More on Jones to NE…..Along with Julio maybe being friends with Cam since they both spend time in Atlanta, with Mac Jones, Barmore, Jennings, and Harris, Julio would be the 5th Alabama player on the roster. With Cam likely being in NE for just 2021, Jones may not only like the idea of playing a season with Cam, he also may like the idea of playing with the young QB with touch and timing after Cam moves on. I’m starting to talk myself into this.

  12. I think what some posters are missing is the Falcons don’t have to trade him. They could restructure/ extend Grady Jarrett and they would be under the cap and with enough to sign their draft class. They could also release Hurst and get back about $5 mill. I don’t see a possibility where they will take less than a second rounder, anything less you may as well sit on him for a year and see what happens. They certainly won’t give up a pick for salary relief.

  13. Don’t see many Super Bowl winners allocating 25%+ of their cap to a QB and a WR (veteran contracts). Strategic cap management tells you the WR number has to be reduced if you want that ring.

  14. Another reason to consider this…..rarely, does a wide receiver picked after the first 100 picks turn into a player in the NFL. DO you pick one next year and hope he becomes something and you have him cheap for 4 years, or do you give up the 2nd rounder, pay the salary, and have Julio for a few seasons? Does Julio have 4 Julio-like seasons in him? Three? Any less and we’re walking a fine line….

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