As expected, Tim Tebow sells


On Thursday morning, Tim Tebow returned to the NFL. Within an hour or so, Fanatics began selling Tebow items.

Already, Tebow is moving merchandise.

Under the “new gear” category, the top five selections are all Tebow related. The top three jerseys carry Tebow’s name.

It’s no surprise. Tebow has remained incredibly popular among football fans despite not playing football for years. And the controversy as to whether he deserves to be on a 90-man roster will serve only to persuade Tebowmaniacs to show their support by purchasing a jersey.

Thus, even though Tebow jerseys may be seen only in the stands and not on the field in 2021, there apparently will be plenty of them.

23 responses to “As expected, Tim Tebow sells

  1. Tebow: Nice guy. Good athlete. Local favorite from his college days.

    He was hired to sell jerseys and tickets, and it looks like it’s working. Will he make the cut down to 53 players?

  2. He has a contract, doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll make the team. I always thought he’d make a good Mike Alstott+like H-back

  3. He should thank Skip Bayless back in the day for beating the drum for him day in and day out.. he’s a gamer! he’s a baller!! all he does is win games! LOL

  4. What I wouldn’t give to see a venn diagram of people who are buying Tim Tebow jerseys and people who are “boycotting” the NFL.

  5. Fans in J-Ville are faced with a difficult decision: ” Do I pay the utility bills or buy that Tim Tebow merchandise?”

  6. “Fools and their money are soon parted.” – relax guy we’re talking about a hundred bucks. That’s an Uber eat dinner for a fam of 4. But please tell us how bad it is to support someone who, by all accounts is a great person and how we should be supporting someone that hunts for “massage therapists” on social media

  7. It’s always good when you have likeable players on your team that fans and kids can root for. Tebow’s also going to take a lot of media attention away from Trevor Lawrence which will benefit the team. Good thing the media is filled with so many anti-Tebow people (they dislike anything that’s moral and decent in this world) so that will keep them chasing their tails while Lawrence and his new head coach get acclimated to the NFL. Overall, it’s a great move on Jacksonville’s part.

  8. At this rate they have to keep him on the team. The backlash from cutting Tebow would be catastrophic. Those jville fans would rather see Tebow score touchdowns and kneel before games more than they would like to see jville and Trevor Lawrence do well.

  9. It is a little interesting it seems they’re not selling the actual game jerseys with Tebow’s name on it (the teal).

  10. I was never a fan nor a hater of TT. I do admire his tenacity and drive. He certainly is not a quiter. He has has principles he believes in and holds true to them, irrespective of what others think. To me that shows self confidence. I hope he succeeds.

  11. You guys will have to eat your words when he makes the Pro Bowl this year.

  12. In the words of Aaron Rodgers- relax people. He’s not breaking the bank and could be cut before the start of the regular season. Let’s at least see what he looks like in preseason as a TE before passing judgment.

  13. Mike, You have missed the point entirely…. from the video above titled, “As expected, Tim Tebow sells”… Everything points to why he was signed to the summer roster … put an strong deflection in front of Trevor Lawrence and let the kid settle in.

    In front in the picture with Tebow in a blocking position? Helps deflect from Lawrence.

    #1 Jersey seller also helps deflect from Lawrence.

    Hundreds of people surrounding Tebow in training camp? Fits with the plan.

    Strong leader in the locker room? This fits as well.

    MIke, there are many other reasons that all point to the signing of Tim… as a player who would be nothing but a positive influence on the guys around him and already extremely popular … everywhere.

    I believe Tim’s addition was brilliant and will serve well in the development of Trevor Lawrence. If Tebow is not there, almost all of these things will fall back on Lawrence and increase the pressure he feels. Every bit of stress he doesn’t have to feel is a good thing for the Jags and Trevor. Look for Tim Tebow to be around the team in some capacity, player on the 53, practice squad player or special coach for the entire year. Hell, he might just be signed on as the team chaplain!

  14. Tebowmania is just getting started! Buckle up it’s going to get wild really fast! I love it! I hope that all the negative hateful media talking heads internally combust! Go and take the NFL by storm Tim! Go Jaguars!

  15. Tim Tebow will make the 53 man roster. Book it!You both are dead wrong on everything Tebow.He will be a great comeback success story this season.You both will be eating crow by the end of this season and I can’t wait to serve it up to you both!

  16. Jacksonville has a huge problem if Tebow is “a leader in the locker room”. Players should be gravitating to Lawrence, defensive leaders, and other top players. Not a guy on the bubble who likely won’t make the team.

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