Deshaun Watson’s deposition won’t happen before Super Bowl LVI

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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Deshaun Watson recently posted a video of his preparations for the 2021 football season. This suggests that he believes he’ll play football this year.

His optimism also shows up in the specific plans being made for the litigation of the 22 lawsuits filed against him.

The “agreed docket control order” in the cases, which was signed by the presiding judge on May 10, provides that Watson’s sworn deposition won’t be taken before February 22, 2022. That’s nine days after the next Super Bowl is played.

As a practical matter, this ensures that the lawsuits won’t interfere with his football career until the coming season has ended. That becomes irrelevant, of course, if the NFL places him on paid leave pending the resolution of the cases.

So here’s the question: Does the engineering of the deposition schedule arise from confidence within Watson’s camp that he won’t be placed on paid leave? In other words, do Watson and his lawyers/agents believe he’ll be permitted to play this year?

Deposition of the plaintiffs may be taken as of September 13, 2021. With 22 plaintiffs to be questioned, more than a month of business days will be needed to finish all of them. Other fact witnesses likely will be questioned, including (but perhaps not limited to) reins and family members to whom the plaintiffs may have made comments relevant to the situation.

No specific trial date has been set. The pre-trial discovery process ends on March 25. A pre-trial status conference, during which the trial date likely will be set, is scheduled for May 2, 2022.

A settlement can happen at any time. If there’s no settlement before training camp opens, Watson will have to decide whether to show up (prediction: he will), the Texans will have to decide whether to trade him (they currently have five on the roster), and other teams will have to decide whether to make the deal despite the looming possibility of paid leave.

40 responses to “Deshaun Watson’s deposition won’t happen before Super Bowl LVI

  1. This is a PR nightmare for the NFL. How can you let this guy play when he’s got so many allegations? I know there is supposed to due process but this feels like it’s got some legs.
    He’ll get booed everywhere he goes.

  2. I still think Houston would be foolish to trade him. Let Nick rebuild the team and make it work.

    If Watson plays this year the depth chart will be Watson, Taylor, Mills and if he doesn’t and or is suspended it will be Taylor, Mills, and one of the other bums.

  3. Looks like Watson is going to play this season. He better get used to hearing a lot of booing.

  4. Watson said he “will not play for the Houston Texans again.”

    I tend to believe that he won’t go against his word, so why show up if they decide not to trade him? 🤔

  5. Apparently the NFL doesn’t care enough to do anything but drag their feet and bury their head in the sand.

  6. knightwanderer says:
    May 21, 2021 at 4:35 pm
    Mans done for this year
    But unfortunately we have at least another year of hearing about this “topic”. (I would use a different word but don’t want to be censored.)

  7. I’ll post again. He isn’t playing this year. If it goes criminal he won’t play for many years.

  8. The only participants in this matter who want protracted litigation are the lawyers. Ch-ching. Watson and his accusers would like to get on with their lives without all the stress, so a settlement is likely, probably before the start of this season.

  9. He needs to show up at the Texans Facilities & OTAs. This will require the NFL Commissioner’s Office to either let the media frenzy run its course or put him on paid leave/exempt list.

  10. ThePewterPirate says:
    May 21, 2021 at 5:04 pm

    Watson said he “will not play for the Houston Texans again.”

    I tend to believe that he won’t go against his word, so why show up if they decide not to trade him? 🤔


    When he said he wouldn’t play for the Texans, there was no lawsuit. Refusing to trade him at that point meant the Texans had to decide between letting him sit and getting multiple first round draft picks. He had leverage now to force a trade.

    Now forcing a trade may net the Texans a low draft pick. He no longer has any leverage to force a trade. Showing up means he gets paid. I agree with Florio’s prediction that he will show up.

  11. It seems unfair to make a player miss a season and then after that, on top of that, suspend them more games the following season.
    This is a civil case not a criminal case.
    Can’t they investigate now and suspend him during some of 2021?

  12. Patsbrat

    You got that right. One main reason I think he’s headed for the Exempt list. The league is so leery of bad PR I doubt they will allow this to sit on the back burner all year and will try to remove him from the daily football discussion. Will that work I have no idea this is messy, public, and salacious.

  13. So is all of this civil litigation? IF it is civil, then one wonders why none of all of those women is pressing felony charges?

    Thin whole thing stinks of a lawyer, Buzbee, gong for the quick buck. It’s gong to be a “he said, they said” circus.

    It’s got to suck to be a Houston fan right now. First, they put up with years of O’brien making bad move after bad move, now this.

  14. knightwanderer says:
    May 21, 2021 at 4:35 pm
    Mans done for this year

    Yeah, because, and without taking sides, the differing circles of thought on this include ones that would be offended to see him play and will make a lot of negative noise if he does. The NFL is not one to back a player in the face of negative PR, they sell early.

  15. Why would his career be over? Ben’s career wasn’t. At least Watson ask for services. He will play every season until he retires, missing maybe 9 games max.

  16. Most of these are ‘made them feel uncomfortable’ accusations. There are a few that are more serious. He will never play again like Kobe and Roethlisberger never played again.

  17. Caserio isn’t stupid, he was a big factor for the release of Hernandez when he was with us. He’s not dumb enough to allow DeShaun to play. If he does that, he’s alienating himself for future trade talks with other teams.

  18. At times a wise man changes his minds, but a fool seldom if ever does.

  19. Take off the woke colored glasses.

    He broke no laws. He’s guilty of getting aroused while naked, getting a back rub from women who do this for a living. I’m sure they’ve had to say no thanks many times before and after Deshaun Watson. He just happens to have a lot more money than their average Joe customers.

    He will play again.

    It is a money grab. That’s what civil cases are.

  20. That still doesn’t mean Roger’s HAMMER isn’t going to effect his trade value (if there still is any) and weather he plays or not is really not a big issue. He plays for THE TEXANS and last I looked they really sucked.

  21. Stop tagging the Dolphins in all the Watson stories. A connection that the media has straight invented.

  22. The league can’t take any action against Watson, or he could sue them for hundreds of millions. Twenty-two women got together with a lawyer and are trying to get paid some money. Zero of those twenty-two ever called the police to report a crime. That’s a pretty good batting average. 22 for 22. It doesn’t look like they have much of a case. When the NFL’s sexual assault expert tried to talk to some of the women, their lawyer was very uncomfortable. This lawyer has been caught in numerous lies, already. Watson wants everything to be public, but the lawyer for the women want everything kept secret.

  23. Watson wants everything to be public – that’s why he tried have all the therapist sign NDAs, right? Lol

  24. Watson would be smart to avoid sitting for deposition. Today’s SI piece on him adds a lot of new information and confirmation, most of which is not at all good for his side.

    And it confirms the timeline that lawsuits were underway long before he demanded a trade.

  25. I have never liked the NFL’s ability to impose discipline on a player in the absence of charges, a criminal conviction, a civil verdict, or a clear and provable violation of the personal conduct policy. I didn’t agree with the Zeke suspension, and I wouldn’t agree with Watson being put on paid leave while they investigate. He deserves the presumption of innocence. Him being put on leave would be a signal that the NFL believes he’s guilty, and may bias a future jury. In this case, where is the evidence? This isn’t a domestic violence incident or child abuse, or wrongful death. This a group of women suing for money. They have no contemporaneous evidence from what we know. No one filed a police report alleging he forced anything on them. What are we talking about, sexual harassment? Him being a playboy and having an unreasonable love of massage therapists? Unless the NFL can show something that wasn’t consensual or there were repeated, unwanted advances, is it against NFL policy to love sleeping with women and hitting them up on Instagram?

    Once the evidence comes out, then they should decide. And if he did force himself or harass women, he needs to pay millions and be banned. But let a jury decide.

  26. He’ll play for Houston this year. He needs the money for all the litigation plus who could really want him before these cases are settled?

  27. The league can take action and there isn’t much Watson can do. The commissioner disciplined Zeke for 6 games. Even going against the recommendation of the investigation done on Zeke, saying he wasn’t quilty of any misconduct.

  28. So a bunch of women could get together and accuse Tom Brady of sexual assault, and the league is supposed to put him on some exempt list? Wow. Someone should have thought about that along time ago. No repercussions if someone falsely accuses you? Wow. What do you have to lose? Maybe he’d settle, even if he’s 100% innocent, just to make it go away. He has the money. He’d be a target. I don’t like the idea of a “settlement”. If you’re guilty, you go to prison. If you’re falsely accused, they go to prison.

  29. radar8 says:
    May 21, 2021 at 6:14 pm

    So is all of this civil litigation? IF it is civil, then one wonders why none of all of those women is pressing felony charges?


    Civilians don’t press felony charges, only prosecuting attorneys do. I think what you mean to say is why none of these women reported it at the time. Some of the allegations do rise to crimes, but I believe several of the women’s allegations do not.

  30. Does anyone actually care whether this self-centered perverted scumbag plays for the Texans (or anywhere at all in the NFL)?

    As far as I’m concerned, he and Antonio Brown can take their goofball prima donna show on the road in the Canadian Football League.

  31. I don’t know how you can let the guy play with 22 sexual abuse charges hanging over his head. Period.

  32. Howie doesn’t have 3 firsts because he’s good at drafting. Two are going to Houston. It’s a win-win.

  33. Do “every day” people get to push off a deposition for multiple very serious allegations against women, for 9 months?

    Money may not buy happiness but it sure buys guys like this a lot of time.

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