Julian Edelman: Mac Jones is going to have a lot of pressure

2021 NFL Draft
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Wide receiver Julian Edelman has retired and has no plans to resurface with another team like Tampa Bay. But after 11 seasons with the Patriots, he knows that team as well as anybody.

Edelman won’t be playing with quarterback Mac Jones, the Patriots’ first-round pick this year. But Edelman has a good idea of what the young quarterback is facing whenever Jones gets his opportunity to take over as QB1.

“He needs to have that eye,” Edelman said on Michael Irvin’s podcast, via NESN. “He needs to have that confidence. … What are you going to do? This kid, it’s not easy playing in New England, especially after Tom Brady, if he gets the opportunity and beats out the other guy. This ain’t going to be easy. This town is tough. This town is mean. This town is blue-collar. Boston people, the New England people, they want winning. They’re used to that in all sports. The kid’s going to have a lot of pressure.”

Jones is the first quarterback Bill Belichick has ever drafted in the first round — including his five-year stint as Browns head coach in the 90s. According to Edelman, that comes with additional pressure.

“When you play on Bill teams, [first-round picks] are usually defensive ends,” Edelman said. “Those are usually corners. We usually have the 28th pick or something — we’re getting a defensive player. That’s how Bill builds a team. But if you come in and you’re a quarterback drafted by Bill Belichick, I mean, let’s go, buddy.”

Jones will have to beat out Cam Newton to become the starter in 2021. That could be sooner or later, but whenever he does, he’ll be expected to perform at a high level.

10 responses to “Julian Edelman: Mac Jones is going to have a lot of pressure

  1. When all is said and done I won’t be surprised if Jones ends up being the best QB from this draft class. There will always be this mystique with running quarterbacks, bazooka arms land great athleticism but the reality is most championships are won with an accurate QB in the pocket.

  2. I see him at worst being a Chad Pennington, (which is pretty good), and at most being a guy who can lead you to the promised land. (Gotta at least dream it).

    One thing we know for sure is, he’ll get a better crack at it than Stidham got. I really feel that we did that guy wrong last year.

  3. If he steps up and really becomes their franchise guy, I’ll be impressed. Of course it’s possible – but Edelman is right. Fans up there are used to 20 years of unreal QB play. There is a whole generation who didn’t know what to think when they saw a QB skipping passes into the ground last season.

    Following the GOAT is all kinds of pressure.

  4. 1st have to beat out Cam….
    If he has a pulse I think that would be accomplished!!!

  5. The similarities with Brady that I find interesting are:

    1. He had to earn his college snaps competing against top talent on his own team, in a very competitive college conference.

    2. Nothing was given to him. He had to earn it.

    3. He also had a spotlight on him and success at big moments.

    4. He didn’t have to wait like Brady but he did wait, watching four QBs drafted before him as well as a number of teammates.

    5. He wasn’t treated like a star by his college coach and he won’t be by Belichick.

    6. Bill will drill the details of QB play and reading defenses into him.

  6. This has bust written all over it.


    You are clueless.

    Didn’t you see Belichick talking to his defenders on bench very often? Do you know what he was doing? he was using his QI to slow down defenders.

  7. “One thing we know for sure is, he’ll get a better crack at it than Stidham got. I really feel that we did that guy wrong last year.”

    I think Bill was ready to roll with Stidham when Stidham decided to go to TX for a month to attend 2 weddings. I think Belichick expected Stidham to work his rear end off for the opportunity and going away for a month really pissed him off and that was that.

    A few days later Newton was signed. I think Stidham pissed away his big chance and was in no way wronged.

  8. turkeycreekjackjohnson says:
    May 21, 2021 at 10:39 am
    I see him at worst being a Chad Pennington…

    Thank you! I know it’s inevitable, but comparing a rookie to TB12 has to stop. Smart; accurate, Pennington is a solid comparison. For Pats sake, I hope he is like pre injury Chad Pennington. That is a huge upgrade over Cam.

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