DeAndre Hopkins says he’d restructure his contract for Julio Jones


Last year, the Cardinals traded for receiver DeAndre Hopkins. He eventually leapfrogged Falcons receiver Julio Jones as the highest-paid receiver in the NFL, based on new money.

Now, Hopkins is politicking for the Cardinals to acquire Jones, too.

Hopkins said this on Twitter: “Somebody at the gym asked me would I restructure my contract for Julio?” He then added a gif of Neil Patrick Harris firing off a pair of thumbs up.

There isn’t much Hopkins can currently do. His base salary stands at only $4.75 million this year. If he reduces it to the bare minimum of $1.075 million and spreads the remaining $3.675 million over the balance of his deal, he’d create only $2.75 million in extra cap space.

While every dollar helps, other Cardinals players have much larger base salaries — and in turn can create much more cap space with restructurings. Chandler Jones, for example, can convert nearly $14.5 million into a signing bonus (they’d need to add dummy years onto the deal, since he’s in the last year of his current contract). Tackle D.J. Humphries can convert more than $13 million (he has two years left on his contract). Defensive tackle Jordan Phillips has a base salary of $10 million (he’s also entering the last year of his contract).

The Cardinals have more than $10 million in cap space. Jones has a base salary of $15.3 million. That number quite possibly will drop, based on the amount of salary that the Falcons will pay to facilitate a trade — unless the Falcons have so many suitors that they can insist on paying nothing, while also getting the second-round pick they’re seeking for the Jones contract.

The separate question is whether the Cardinals have room for Jones. They currently have Hopkins, Christian Kirk, A.J. Green, and rookie second-rounder Rondale Moore.

11 responses to “DeAndre Hopkins says he’d restructure his contract for Julio Jones

  1. he’d restructure, not take a pay cut… don’t think for a second that he would give up a dime to improve the team.

  2. DON’T DO IT CARDINALS!!! Julio was a superstar in his prime, but his glory days fading. The past 2 years his injuries and lack of field production don’t justify top tier WR pay. He’d make a great complement to the Cards WR corps, but he’s not worth $15M anymore let alone having to give up a 2 round pick. If Keim can pull off magic & get him off the cheap then it’d be worth it. Otherwise they already have a solid WR crew.

  3. These guys act like this is some grand gesture. Instead of getting the money during the season, they get it all at once.

    Big deal. Ooohhhhhh he said he’ll restructure his contract—what a guy.

  4. Sure he would restructure his contract and take bonus money up front. The question he should be answering is this: Would he give up real dollars to bring Julio in. His answer would be a polite and firm – “Heck no”!

  5. It’s doable without any players having to do anything. Every Cards fan knows bench player Kennard will be cut post-June 1 for a $6.63 million cap savings. They have over $13 million available cap right now, so will be close to $20 million in a few weeks. It’s nice having a QBOF on a rookie deal.

    The trade would also likely involve WR Kirk, relieving $2.5-3 million more space for the Cardinals.

  6. It’s a QB league. The team with the best QB wins the vast majority of the games and championships, regardless of who lines up at WR. After QB, load up on pass rushers and cornerbacks, and get a couple decent offensive tackles. The WR position is close to the lowest priority. DeAndre was just talking. Guys aren’t going to give you a deep down thoughtful honest answer. That would cause more problems than just giving the routine cliche.

  7. Julio Jones is not a name I am use to seeing anymore on the highlights. Think about that, so why in the world would any team give up anything who is (lets be honest) not that good anymore. I would not be surprised if Atlanta did not either make him take a pay cut or let him go.

  8. Julio along with Hop, Green, and Fitz returning? Vegas will go ballistic!!! Look, if Nuk is willing to restructure, that’s all the endorsement anyone should need to know if Jones is still qualified and productive. And given the HOF group he would be working with, it would be such a fun time for all of them! The business optics alone would justify Keim and Mr. Bidwill making this happen. For those who think there are better alternatives for Julio and Atlanta, remember what everyone was saying about Watt? (Ahem!)

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