Texans: Cal McNair knew his attorney contacted lawyers in Deshaun Watson cases to suggest mediation

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When attorney Tony Buzbee first suggested that the Texans had a role in trying to broker a settlement of the 22 cases pending against Deshaun Watson, the Texans had no official comment. They now do.

An article from SI.com regarding the Watson situation included this comment from the team: “Mr. [Cal] McNair was aware that his personal attorney contacted both parties to suggest mediation. Mr. McNair has had no personal involvement in any of those discussions. The Houston Texans organization has not had any direct contact with either party.”

That statement says plenty. The Texans didn’t need to contact either party. McNair didn’t need to have personal involvement. His lawyer served as the emissary.

And for good reason. The Texans need these cases to settle. If they don’t, they can’t get full value in a trade for Watson. If they don’t, the Texans also run the risk of Watson showing up for training camp, the league placing him on paid leave, and the Texans eventually paying him more than $10 million to not play for them this season.

So, yes, the Texans directly benefit from a settlement. And the statement from the team says enough to justify the conclusion not only that Cal McNair knew about the efforts of his lawyer, but that McNair directed them.

7 responses to “Texans: Cal McNair knew his attorney contacted lawyers in Deshaun Watson cases to suggest mediation

  1. McNair is as clueless as they come, but in this case there was no harm in his trying to encourage a settlement. It’s good business.

  2. The classic “a distinction without a difference” statement. And the second one from a team in a couple days as it’s the same as the Lions saying they never made a formal offer to Matt Campbell.

  3. Mediation sounds like a very good idea in this case. I have no problem at all with McNair trying to encourage it. This is not a scandal in any way.

  4. I hope Watson shows up for camp. Gets put on paid leave. The inmates would then be punishing the prison appropriately.

  5. Watson hasn’t broken any laws, and none of the 22 women ever called police to report a crime. Watson has no plan to give away hard earned money to people who are trying to extort it from him. He wants everything out in the open, so everyone can see for themselves what happened. The Texans had their opportunities to move Watson, and they made yet another poor decision. The only party I believe is telling the truth is Watson. Why else would he be the only side trying to get everything out in public. He has a name and hundreds of millions of dollars at stake. If he did anything wrong, he would have settled a long time ago.

  6. The person most responsible for starting this mess, is now the person now trying to end it. Go figure! If McNair hadn’t promised Watson he could have some input into hiring a coach, would any of this came out?

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