Report: Browns will have limited work this week as players negotiate OTA schedule

Cleveland Browns v New York Jets
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The Browns were among players from 21 teams who announced they would skip in-person voluntary offseason workouts. The words in the statements, though, have proved mostly hollow.

The Browns are in a unique position with starting center JC Tretter serving as president of the NFLPA.

So Browns players, like those from the Colts and the Eagles, are attempting to negotiate a workable solution with the coaches, Mary Kay Cabot of reports.

The Browns are having limited field work this week as Phase 3 gets under way. The NFL allows for 10 OTA practices the next three weeks followed by a mandatory minicamp.

The Eagles and Colts canceled the mandatory veteran minicamp after meetings between coaches and players. Philadelphia will have two weeks of on-field drills but no 11-on-11 or 7-on-7 work.

At least 15 teams have implemented changes to their OTA and minicamp programs.

10 responses to “Report: Browns will have limited work this week as players negotiate OTA schedule

  1. Imagine being a Browns fan and starting to act like an actually NFL team then they pull this crap.

  2. Hey acemagee45… I’m a Browns fan. You’re absolutely right. We can’t ruin our momentum by not preparing for the season.

  3. If ownership and coaches want players there so badly, then don’t make it optional. Spare us the drama. Make it mandatory. Negotiate it like everything else. They got their 17th game. Just don’t act like you’re all about player safety. it’s a business where how you treat the talent matters. Got that Houston?

  4. Do they play circus music when Tretter walks out? Because this whole OTA malarkey is under his watch as Union President and his ambitions and desires don’t seem to necessarily align with his colleagues and specifically his own teammates. He wants pressure applied to league, certainly he wants the appearance that he’s helping to put some screws to them a little. But if that gets some guys injured, others physically unprepared to battle a rook who’s chomping at the bit for their job, or his own team not as ready as it could be so be it. Man should remember how bad things were in Cleveland and remember to do his all to not let them backslide. If I was a teammate I’d wonder what his focus level was on what we want to accomplish as a team.

  5. the league lawyer who negotiated the “injuries suffered outside of team facilities” clause into the labor contract is brilliant.

  6. 21 out of 32 teams. The media makes it sound like the Browns are the only team practicing in this fashion when actually the majority of the NFL will have limited OTA practices.

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