Dak Prescott: I could start and finish a game right now without worrying about my leg

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys
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Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is now more than seven months removed from the leg injury that ended his 2020 season, and he says it’s not even a concern for him anymore.

As serious as the injury was, Prescott said he never thought it could be career ending and was always confident he could make a complete recovery. Now, Prescott says, he wouldn’t even be nervous if he had a game today.

“I’m right on pace. I’m healthy if we had to play a game now,” Prescott told Sage Steele on ESPN. “I could go out there and be very successful. Start the game, finish the game and not even worry about the leg.”

Many Cowboys fans will be worried about the leg when Prescott takes the field for the first time, but Prescott himself sounds completely confident that there’s nothing to worry about.

3 responses to “Dak Prescott: I could start and finish a game right now without worrying about my leg

  1. Its easy to say that from a zoom call. Wait until the pocket collapses that first time and bodies start flying around your feet. History says it takes time to get comfortable again.

  2. In Dak we trust! If the “iffy” O line holds, look for a great year for Dak!

  3. why do people care so much about this running back with an arm?

    by almost any statistical measure, particularly the all-important won-loss one, he is one of the bottom three-five starting quarterbacks in the league;

    he runs up victories against sub-.500 teams, runs up stats between the twenties against good teams, runs up stats in hopelessly lost games and plus down runs the ball if his primary receiver is not wide open;

    his record has deteriorated dramatically over the past three years since he and Elliot ran the Cowsills’ single wing offence into the playoffs, had a losing record when he got hurt—and all this behind what was one of the best offensive lines in the NFL;

    this guy is no better than Bortles, Trubisky or Tebow—the latter of whom had the good sense to come back as a tight end;

    Dakota is what you’d get if you put Eric Ebron under centre;

    why the Cowgirls kept, let alone paid him is mystifying;

    he is simply not a very good quarterback at all;

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