Dolphins Co-OC: We’re expecting to see a jump from Tua Tagovailoa

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Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa displayed flashes of his potential as a rookie in 2020, but needs to display more progress in 2021.

Miami has taken steps to help the quarterback do so, including drafting wide receiver Jaylen Waddle at No. 6 overall. And Tagovailoa’s teammates have said that the signal-caller seems more comfortable heading into his second season.

On Monday, one of Miami’s two co-offensive coordinators, George Godsey, told reporters the Dolphins think they’ll see significant progress in the upcoming season.

“It’s Tua’s second year in the NFL, so we’re expecting to see a jump from him being able to retain information,” Godsey said, via Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “Identifying fronts, IDs, coverage, that will be a big difference from Year One to Year Two.”

Tagovailoa twice was replaced by Ryan Fitzpatrick in games as a rookie after struggling through a first half of play. Fitzpatrick is now gone, having signed with Washington to be the Football Team’s starting QB. So if Tagovailoa does improve in processing that kind of information faster, then it should help him hold off any challenges or relief appearances from free agent signee Jacoby Brissett.

9 responses to “Dolphins Co-OC: We’re expecting to see a jump from Tua Tagovailoa

  1. Yeah, good luck with that. You should of done your own scouting, instead of listening to fans and media.

  2. Yes, it’s his second year, but Miami has totally revamped their offense this offseason, so he’s starting over. This isn’t exactly a second year for him if he’s having to learn a whole new offense. People always fail to take things like this into consideration. So whatever offensive knowledge and foundation he had to build on is gone.

    Not to mention that yo-yoing him last season was stupid. They should’ve just let Fitz start and maybe given Tua a half or a quarter here and there late in the season.

    Second year = must improve is overly simplistic. The team has to help a young QB, not make it more challenging for him.

  3. “….being able to retain information.” That doesn’t sound promising, if that is why he struggled last season. I want Tua to do well, and wish him success in this league, but I am still thankful the ‘Fins drafted him and let Herbert fall to the Chargers. No trouble retaining information for Herbert, he is smart and studious and he wowed his coaches (and the league) with his ability to learn the playbook and diagnose defenses with a minimal off-season last year.

  4. Tua’s problem has never been the ability to retain information or his accuracy or pocket presence or touch on deep balls. He has all that.
    His problem has been an inability to stay healthy. Whether that was because he took too many risks or he is just injury prone remains to be seen.
    Last year Miami took a big chance starting Tua less than a year away after major back surgery. The fact that Tua was able to start nine games without another major injury was a really good sign.
    This year he should be stronger and faster. And if he is able to stay healthy he will improve a lot on his 2020 performance and will help Miami take the next step.

  5. So the QB that couldn’t grasp the previous OC’s offense will now have to learn from two OCs simultaneously????

  6. AFW…..Rumor has it that the revamped offense resembles the offense he successfully operated at Alabama, so it’s not likely to be a hindrance to his progress.

  7. He should do better with an offense designed for him and not Fitzpatrick (Chan G was his OC every place he’s had success. Btw, Ryan does not have him this year). It may take a little time this year, but he is a hard worker and his football IQ is off the charts. Trust me Dolphins fans, you won’t be disappointed.

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