“I’m out of there” comment from Julio Jones won’t help Falcons get the best possible deal for him


When a team considers trading a player, the best leverage often comes from the team credibly saying, “Sorry, we’re not trading him.”

For the Falcons, that becomes a harder sell, now that Jones has declared, “I’m out of there.”

Then again, it already was clear that the Falcons want to trade him. Although they haven’t announced it, the persistent reports operate that way, to the trained eye. League insiders and observers know that he’s available, and that the Falcons want to move on from him.

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, someone leaked this to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media: “The All-Pro requested a trade from the organization a few months ago, sources say, and the team then agreed to listen to offers. That’s how it began and why it continues.”

That still potentially understates the fact that the Falcons want to move on. Maybe Jones started it, but the Falcons have been trying for weeks now to finish it.

Maybe the comments from Jones will serve as a catalyst for trade talks, smoking out any and all interested teams. If Atlanta eventually can get two or more serious suitors to the table, the Falcons have a better chance to get closer to the second-round pick they want.

Again, one major factor will be whether and to what extent the Falcons are willing to pay part of his $15.3 million salary for 2021, which is guaranteed for skill, injury, and cap.

It’s nevertheless looking more and more likely that a trade will occur, if the Falcons and a new team can find a sweet spot of trade compensation and shared salary obligation.

13 responses to ““I’m out of there” comment from Julio Jones won’t help Falcons get the best possible deal for him

  1. That’s true. It also shows that Julio Jones has no class whatsoever.
    If I were Atlanta, I’d keep him and use him up as much as possible, just to make a point.
    Julio is merely an employee who has a $15 million contract.
    He can still be punished.

  2. I have ZERO tolerance for an employee who makes tens of MILLIONS and then is suddenly ‘dissatisfied’, then throws a tantrum in order to get himself traded or released.
    Divas – almost all of these players….except for Al Villanueva.

  3. If he wants to win, it is not in his best interest to stay quiet. The less his new team pays for him, the more that they can do in the next 2 years.

  4. What’s really messed up is Shannon Sharpe putting him on speaker phone live without telling him he’s on air

  5. They should just keep him till the trade deadline and get that 2nd rounder with some change..

  6. This guy should have been dealt 3 years ago for the rebuild as they sat in cap hell, so there is no point in pretending Atlanta knows what its doing here.

  7. Guys there’s no such thing as loyalty in business. Teams cut athletes before the contract is up and athletes force their way out before the contract ends. It’s business and fan loyalty muddles the water. No team or athlete plays fair because it’s business. It used to be a sport, but those days are gone.

  8. The Patriots won’t take Julio – if they do they are stupid. They would be better off signing a shortstop. The Patriots need someone at QB who doesn’t throw grounders.

  9. My beloved Patriots offer a third-round pick that becomes a second-rounder if Jones catches 50+ passes; the two teams split Jones’s 15+M salary and New England throws in N’Keal Harry. East, peasy.

  10. Not to many teams will trade for him for the rumored asking price of a first round draft pic , not even sure a team will part with a second rounder– he’s a great talent but aging and probably only a few years away from retiring —

  11. These players expect owners to be loyal and first time their feelings get hurt I’m out of here. Still would be great if these owners got together and agreed time to let them hit the road. Really after two game no one would remember their name

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