NFL “will review” Eugene Chung’s allegations


The Fritz Pollard Alliance has asked for an investigation. An investigation is coming.

The NFL said Monday morning that it will explore the allegations from Eugene Chung that he was told during an interview for a coaching position that he’s “not the right minority.”

“We will review the matter,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said in a statement. “That comment is completely inappropriate and contrary to league values and workplace policies. The NFL and its clubs are committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all personnel in a manner that is consistent with our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.”

Chung declined to name the team when he made his disclosure to the Boston Globe. If the league asks the question, Chung may have a different answer.

Chung understandably will be concerned that he could be flagged as a troublemaker by other teams. If other teams would use it against him, he definitely would have rights that could be pursued in court. However, most football coaches would rather have a job than a lawsuit. Unless and until a coach is willing to accept the very real risk that a shunning will follow a suing, external accountability won’t happen.

For now, the question is whether there will be internal accountability for the comment made to Chung.

8 responses to “NFL “will review” Eugene Chung’s allegations

  1. He got himself in a jam here. If it’s true, he shouldn’t have revealed it without saying who it was, because everyone wants to know who said it. If he made it up, then he looks horrible, and it takes away from legitimate claims. No easy way through this.

  2. Wait, the NFL is going to review what it said to Mr. Chung, what’s the conclusion? Yup we actually said that. Garbage league management.

  3. If the league is serious about fixing the problem (and not just offering lip service), they should cut Chung a 7 figure check for sharing the information as a recompense against the probability that snitching will cost him his NFL coaching career.

  4. A can of worms has been opened. He’s in a pickle for sure. If it was said,he must divulge all details of the conversation,if he clams up, he’s done.

  5. I never could have imagined a society could be so incredibly warped as ours.

  6. If what Chung said is true; kudos to whoever said it to him, cause it is the truth.

  7. The comments in on stories like this always reveal just how far America has yet to go when it comes to race relations.

  8. If they want to investigate how this happen they need to look in a mirror and at the Fritz Pollard Alliance!

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