Report: Deshaun Watson won’t attend OTAs, still wants a trade

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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There was no reason to think Deshaun Watson would show up for the Texans’ organized team activities. The quarterback, in fact, won’t be there, Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports.

Video posted on Watson’s social media a few days ago showed him hard at work, preparing as if he’s going to play in 2021. He is not expected to play with the Texans again.

The NFL could eventually place Watson on paid leave pending the resolution of 22 lawsuits against him.

That has left uncertainty about Watson’s future. But the quarterback’s “position hasn’t changed: Watson wants out of Houston,” Pelissero adds.

The Texans appear to have already moved on. They released Ryan Finley on Monday after signing free agent Jeff Driskel, leaving them with Tyrod Taylor, third-round choice Davis Mills and Driskel in the quarterbacks room.

Watson remains on the roster, but likely for not a lot longer.

35 responses to “Report: Deshaun Watson won’t attend OTAs, still wants a trade

  1. Who is his agent. He needs to be let go. Deshaun needs to show up so he can get paid, before he gets put on the exempt list.

  2. 0-17 is a strong possibility for this team.

    Somehow Miami will end up with Watson and their 2022 first round pick.

  3. Why would it appear that Houston is ready to moved on with the off-season additions? None of those guys are long term options.

  4. Have to give Watson credit, through it all, he still wants out of Houston

  5. If he gets out of the trouble he is in and ends up on the Dolphins it’s lights out for the rest of the AFC.

  6. The two least surprising developments inNFL news today:

    Rogers and Watson didn’t show up for OTA’s.

    Absolutely nobody is surprised by this.

  7. Some insider said back in March that Houston should take Chicago’s monster offer while it’s still on the table. He was right.

  8. I guess he ran out of masseuse in Texas. This year he will likely be suspended so I don’t think anyone is trading for him

  9. If I’m the Texan’s, I want him to hold out, suspend him without pay for conduct detrimental to the team, go after part of his signing bonus, then trade him in April when his value will be at its greatest.

    They are going to get anything close to value for him now so they might as well wait and save a boat load of money in the process.

  10. Deshauns gonna need a massage after all of the mental gymnastics he’s been doing to think anyone wants to trade for him!

  11. What a scumbag! Who’s ever going to be able to think of anything but his sordid past if we ever see him on a football field again? Gross!

  12. I really struggle with all the suggestions that he is going to be traded to any other team until he has fully settled the issues in front of him. There are numerous suggested trades listed here (Bears, Saints, Fins, etc). None of those teams are going to bring this cancer into their locker room. Even after his inevitable suspension, he is PR nightmare even bigger than Vick was. We didn’t see Bill Cosby getting any appearances once all his story broke. Why do we think America wants to see this guy. Every women in the city he plays for will protest the team that has him.

  13. There sure a lot of silly opinions on here…silly as in factually inaccurate dumb statements.

  14. Does he need massages before his press conferences to announce he’s not playing?

  15. “Every women in the city he plays for will protest the team that has him.”

    And good luck to any male fans trying to (1) cheer on their team and (2) be in a healthy relationship.

  16. What I don’t understand is that the Texans were probably going to get the #1 pick in 2022 with or without Watson, so why did they take a mid-round QB in this year’s draft? What Watson said is accurate in that I’m sure he wants to be traded, but the Texans aren’t getting multiple #1’s for him now. Maybe one first round pick, maybe a swap of 1st round picks? What he should do right now is own it, say he was wrong, say he is sorry, volunteer at local women’s groups. He won’t mean any of it, but he needs to do the whole “I’ve learned from my mistakes” thing if he wants to resurrect his career.

  17. All well and good however at this point who will take him and can you establish a fair market value? He may proclaim he is innocent, and i hope he is, which if so increases his value to maybe three #1s. Now the tricky point is will a team pay three #1s today, as things stand. This is not as easy as it sounds however he has no one to blame but himself. Not the league, not either lawyer, not the ladies involved………..only himself.

  18. Smart move would have been to show up to force the NFL’s hand on the exempt list issue. No exempt list, easier to get yourself traded. On exempt list, collect your money while sitting rather than not collecting by holding out.

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