Antonio Brown signs with Buccaneers

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The deal is now done: Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown has signed on the dotted line and will play in Tampa Bay in 2021.

Brown, the wide receiver who agreed to terms with the Buccaneers last month, has now officially signed his contract, according to Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times.

Some questions were raised about Brown’s status after it took so long between agreeing to terms and actually signing. But the Buccaneers indicated that Brown was having a relatively minor knee procedure and that he’d sign as soon as he passed his physical, which he has apparently now done.

Although he was once the NFL’s most productive wide receiver, Brown hasn’t played at that level since leaving Pittsburgh and has had significant off-field issues. Last season Brown played in eight games, catching 45 passes for 483 yards and four touchdowns.

But Brown is a favorite teammate of Tom Brady‘s, and so the Bucs brought him back. They now have a crowded wide receiver room, with Brown joining Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Scotty Miller, Tyler Johnson, and Jaelon Darden.

22 responses to “Antonio Brown signs with Buccaneers

  1. Wow, locked and loaded. Very hard to repeat, but who’s gonna stop them? Brees retired, Green Bay, Seattle and SF seem to have some dysfunction with their QB, don’t see anybody else good enough in the NFC. They should at least get to the big game, barring injuries. Or Kellerman’s cliff

  2. Most stacked receiving corps you’ll ever see. Evans, Godwin, Brown, Miller and Darden. And then you have Gronkowski and OJ Howard and Cameron Brate. Plus you got RBs Giovani Bernard and Fournette that can catch.

    This team is going to put up some points!! How do you defend this? With this talent, the Bucs can do a million different things even if you find a way to slow it down.

  3. Nice luxury to have. Probably not as effective as Mike Evans in the red zone but AB can be #1 receiver if the Bucs need him to be one. Couple of good non-drama filled seasons will definitely help his case for the HOF.

  4. Even if you’re a petulant man-child there will always be an NFL team to enable you as long as you have talent.

  5. Good for AB. I hope this is part of a continuing redemption story for him.

  6. i know tom talks about playing forever but i think if he does what he almost did in new england and goes 19-0 he rides off into the sunset…or comes back and tries to do it again cause he’s a maniac lol

  7. The Buccaneers are loaded. Duh. More than that, though, they’re deep. The team will be able to deal with injuries better than any other team in the league. With injuries a virtually certainty for every team, the extreme depth of the Tampa Bay roster will pay huge dividends.

  8. The Chiefs are locked and loaded also with the new powerful offensive line.
    The Buccaneers will be destroyed by Mahomes and the elite talent they have in SB56!!

  9. kcripper says: The Chiefs are locked and loaded also with the new powerful offensive line. Perhaps. But the Chiefs’ defense is suspect. Had he needed to, Brady could have put up 45 on the Chiefs in the Super Bowl and I haven’t seen any evidence of Kansas City strengthening its OK defense since then. Buccaneers are the clear favorites to repeat.

  10. I hate repeating myself, but the Bucs didn’t need to sign Brown to make another title run. Miller and Johnson have prove to be very capable receivers. This is strictly to appease Brady.

  11. This is just like Jordan and Rodman on the Bulls. (even if they had to go get him in Vegas once) It takes a special player to be able to get weirdos to fall in line or guys to come out of retirement.

  12. Miller and Johnson are not ABrown. He may be a reprehensible human, but he’s still a top 10 weapon. And Brady seems to connect and get thru to Brown

  13. The Chiefs would have won the SB easily if they weren’t playing with 2nd and 3rd string guards and tackles.

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