CFL is set to return on August 5

Hamilton Tiger-Cats v Winnipeg Blue Bombers
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The pandemic shut down the Canadian Football League for all of 2020. The CFL will return in 2021.

The CFL has informed players and agents that the new season will begin on August 5.

Training camp will open on July 10, after a quarantine that commences on July 2. Camp ends on July 31.

The CFL currently has nine teams. There has been talk of a CFL-XFL merger, but that would require among other things the two leagues to get on the same schedule. The XFL could, in theory, join forces with the CFL in 2022.

The CFL has a domestic TV deal worth $37 million per year. ESPN broadcasts CFL games in the U.S., but the terms have never been disclosed. Which means the terms were nothing about which to brag.

It’s worth bragging about the CFL returning. Although it lacks the profile and success of the NFL, it’s quality football. And it’s more content on which legalized wagers can be placed.

3 responses to “CFL is set to return on August 5

  1. The CFL, XFL and NFL need to get a deal done to merge the CFL and XFL and become a full fledged “development league” for the NFL. Call it the North American Football league featuring the Canadian Football Conference vs the United States Football Conference and the winners of each conference play for the title in the North American Bowl.

    An eighteen team league with 10 game regular season. Top 3 from each conference make playoffs. The season kicks off first Sunday following the NFL draft (end of April) with heavy promotion during the draft. The season, including playoffs lasts 15 weeks, by including a bye week and two weeks to prep for the championship game. This puts the title game on the first Sunday of August as the perfect marketing lead-in to the NFL’s pre-season.

  2. As a proud Canadian, I am sure I speak for many when I say that Canadians do not want a development league. We want a league to celebrate our football players along with imports that make the game a great game. Having said that, as a business person, I see tremendous upside by having the CFL and XFL work together and over time (and with fan approval), see if it makes sense to merge the two leagues. The long history and tradition of the CFL combined with the youthful exuberance of the XFL and the cachet of an owner (Rock) who had a tryout with Calgary and knows a thing or two about putting on a big production. It could be a match made in heaven….box office heaven with exciting football!

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