Dak Prescott: Cowboys’ high attendance at OTAs is “going to pay off”

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
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PFT reported last month the Cowboys held a players-only video conference to discuss the recommendation from the union that players not attend organized team activities. Cowboys players, though, never issued a statement and, according to quarterback Dak Prescott, there wasn’t much to discuss.

The Cowboys are all in on the voluntary workouts, with high attendance at The Star.

“Yeah, I mean, I think it’s going to be huge. It’s going to pay off,” Prescott said. “Obviously the mental aspect, knowing the scheme whether it’s the defense learning a new scheme or whether it’s offense being on the same page and communicating better, I think it’s going to pay off huge when we get to training camp to have maybe that step that these other teams may not take during the offseason for us to get that and then to build off of that in training camp and just continue to grow as we get into the season.”

The Cowboys will hold eight of the 10 allowable OTA practices with veteran players can leave on the last day of the mandatory three-day veteran minicamp June 10. The rookies will remain another week.

“The conversations have been ongoing,” tight end Dalton Schultz, the Cowboys’ player representative, said. “Even still we’ve got a lot of teams that are not participating. I think as a team, we came together, and we realize we need this kind of work in the offseason. We support everything the NFLPA is doing and we support our guys who aren’t showing up. and it’s very personal decision for a lot of people. But I think we’re a very young team and we can benefit very highly from this work that we’re dong now.”

6 responses to “Dak Prescott: Cowboys’ high attendance at OTAs is “going to pay off”

  1. No it won’t. They way overpaid for Dak. Dominque Foxworth and the rest of the “experts” are gonna look like clowns soon….

  2. not if they don’t get a quarterback in place of a running back with an arm…

  3. Wow!! So amazing no cowboys fans have actually commented on this thread. SMH, stop expecting the worse. Wait until camp and see how everything works out. Stop hating. Ya’ll some suckas. I hope the cowboys prove haters wrong. If they don’t, oh well. Common sense will tell you things will be tough before it gets better. Phenomenal_MAC

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