Falcons could have gotten a second-round pick for Julio Jones before the draft

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As their nonchalance kindles into full-blown fire sale, it’s unclear what the Falcons will get for receiver Julio Jones in a trade.

Before the draft, it seems fairly clear that they could have gotten a second-round pick while also unloading the full amount of his guaranteed $15.3 million salary.

The Falcons were indeed looking for a first-round pick for Jones when they tried to arrange a pre-draft, post-June 1 trade for Jones. The pick would have changed hands in 2022 at the earliest, since the Falcons want to wait until June 2 to finalize the deal, for cap reasons. As we understand it, they could have gotten a second-round pick at that time — without paying any of his salary. They declined.

Now, things have changed. Teams that may have been interested devoted first- or second-round picks on receivers. Now, they’ve moved on.

So who’s interested now? Simms said on PFT Live that Jones has his eyes on the Titans and Patriots. Do they have their eyes on him?

More broadly, does anyone? The Falcons are determined to get at least a second-round pick for Jones because they got a second-round pick for Mohamed Sanu. The question continues to be whether and to what extent the Falcons will have to pay some of his salary in order to facilitate a trade — and whether their priority is maximizing draft compensation or minimizing the remaining cap charge.

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  1. The Patriots made a bad trade for Sanu. Good luck to the Falcons in finding another team willing to overpay.

  2. Do it New England.

    Dolphins, Jets and Bills fans continue to pray Belichek keeps making Belichek moves.

  3. I wonder if Julio regrets pressuring the Falcons into a new deal. Money is great, but he may have priced himself out of a chance to play for a contender.

  4. Falcons already conned a second rounder out of New England for a broken down nag called Sanu – NOT GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN. They may get a #2 but its not coming from Foxboro, MA.

    Here endeth the lesson!

  5. Sanu was a move they made out of desperation to appease Brady due to injuries & it was actually working out ok till he got hurt & then it just went down hill from there…. Was he worth a second rounder in the 1st place was questionable, but again, under the circumstances, the Pats knew it was Brady’s last year so they did what they had to do & it just went south….but if he had remained healthy, it could have been much better but alas, it ended up being a big disappointment….
    Julio is another level of player than Sanu…. That is not even debatable…I’d be ok with a second next year if he’s healthy but would prefer a conditional 3rd rounder that could become a 2nd based on player/game time availability…..the salary cap hit has to be weighed into the equation too…..
    Be interesting to see how it all plays out!!!
    Go Pats!!!

  6. AZ Cardinals. Young, upcoming QBOF on rookie deal so they can afford it. Julio’s buddy Deandre Hopkins is heavily recruiting him. A heavy-pass offense. Kyler, who is always a threat to run, throwing to DHop, Julio, newly acquired AJ Green and the new speedy rookie Moore, who is also a running threat. They upgraded the Oline with one of the best centers in the NFL, and added Connor to the RB mix. What is a DC to do?

  7. I don’t know why anyone would offer compensation for the privilege of paying an old WR $15M for one year.

  8. That Sanu trade was historically bad. Given Julio’s contract, they will be lucky to get a second-rounder unless the pick is conditional on Julio staying healthy… Even then, I don’t think the Falcons can get a first-rounder for a 32-year-old WR coming off an injury with a giant contract.

  9. Nobody is giving up a 1 or 2 for a 32 year old wideout coming off an injury prone year.

    Maybe some type of conditional pick or a 3rd plus a player. The options are limited.

  10. I remember that the Falcons traded up to draft Jones. Now they are trying to get a 2nd rounder for him. No one will give a 1st rounder with that salary. What a mess.

  11. They should just be patient. Some team is going to lose a receiver to injury during camp or tin he preseason games. I have a feeling that the Falcons will find a trade partner before the season starts.

  12. Teams do not seem to be beating down the Falcons’ door to get Julio. A 2nd rounder with no salary relief seems like a pipe dream for the Falcons at this point especially with Julio having one foot out the door. Maybe Julio would make a salary concession for the right team.

  13. Jones: 12,900 yards, 850 catches, 60 TD’s, 10 years
    Sanu: 4,700 yards, 420 catches, 27 TD’s, 9 years

    2nd for Sanu was overpaying for Brady. 2nd for Jones is worth it for production but risky for health

  14. MostlyRight says:
    May 25, 2021 at 11:50 am
    AZ Cardinals. Young, upcoming QBOF on rookie deal so they can afford it.
    Just because your QB is on a rookie contract does not mean you have salary cap space. And no, they cannot afford it. The Cards have Hopkins and just drafted another WR in the second round. Even if they had money, it would be better spent at other positions.

  15. bostonblows says:
    May 25, 2021 at 11:36 am
    Do it New England.

    Dolphins, Jets and Bills fans continue to pray Belichek keeps making Belichek moves.

    38 49 Rate This


    Yes, those 2 dynasties were just horrible! lol!

    Jealousy and fear a delight!

  16. Not much of a trade market for WR on huge deals or wanting huge deals, and Julio is as gifted as they come.

  17. Atlanta has no leverage in this situation and they are losing more daily. They should just take the best offer they have. The team can’t sign their first round pick (TE Kyle Pitts) without moving Jones or getting a significant restructure. Jones has now publicly commented he wants out. The longer he stays on the market (openly), the more desperate Atlanta is going to look.

    Rosters are going to tighten up as camps get underway and teams willing to make a move to bring a player in will drop. At this point, Atlanta is hoping someone (other than Jones) gets injured in camp because that’s about the only thing that will drive the price up – but are they going to wait to sign their first round TE that long?

    Fans are ignoring that he is 32, has a long injury history, and will likely want an extension on his deal, which could end up meaning a lot of dead cap if you have to cut him. And you think someone is going to give up premium picks to get this? Good luck.

  18. Seattle might be in with a Clowney type deal (and it might make Russ a bit happier) something like a 4th and Seattle would take on about 50% of his salary for a run this year, see them cleaning house next year with Wagner and Wilson being gone.

    Don’t see any team willing to give up a 2nd (except for the usual dimwits) to take on his salary along with his inability to stay healthy.

  19. It’s weird, people acting like Julio Jones is an injury risk. He was hurt last year, but otherwise he’s had a very productive career. Yes, he’s expensive, but it could be worth it for a team in “win now” mode to rent him for a year.

  20. Belichick has proven to be a fantastic HC but the jury is still out related to his GM skills. Trades like a 2nd rounder for Sanu and quite a few dubious early round draft picks litter the landscape of his past GM performance. Everyone knew Brady was going to leave the Patriots after his last contract renegotiation and yet BB did not have a QB plan for last year. This year he invested a first rounder at QB. If Mac turns out to be a bust BB will be relegated to the Jerry Jones level of GM.

  21. Touchback6 said,

    “Yes, those 2 dynasties were just horrible! lol!

    Jealousy and fear a delight!”

    Living in the past is wonderful isn’t it? Meanwhile Jealousy and Fear is exactly what we hear out of you everytime you talk bad about the Bills and Dolphins. Face it, your time was nice but it’s Over.

  22. Belichick has proven to be a fantastic HC.


    Don’t know why you think he is better than Rex Ryan.

  23. If Randy Moss was traded for a 4th round pick at age 30, the Falcons are surely flying high holding out for a 1st for Julio at age 32.

    You’re not likely to get another Julio Jones in the 2nd, but you gave up an additional 1st to draft him 2011. What you’re doing is getting compensation and salary cap relief.

  24. Washington has McLaurin, Samuel, and Dyami Brown — there is literally no place for Jones. Sorry Julio.

  25. Wow it probably felt pre-draft that they were 28% likely to get an excellent draft pick and only 3% likely to get a low one (28%-3%). Looks like now a low draft pick is 35% likely (28%-35%). Hope Arthur is okay with that. Bill Belichick is certainly smiling.

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