Which active receivers are headed for the Hall of Fame?

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With Julio Jones likely to continue his career elsewhere, its continuation could result in Jones landing in Canton. That sparked a draft topic for Tuesday’s PFT Live.

Which active receivers are the most likely to make it to the Hall of Fame?

Our choices appear in the attached video. Check them out and then share your thoughts. Who did we miss? Who did we include that shouldn’t have been?

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20 responses to “Which active receivers are headed for the Hall of Fame?

  1. Mike Evans for sure if he can stay healthy. His overall numbers would be significantly more crazy without the hamstring issues over the years. Passing Randy Moss for most 1,000 yard consecutive seasons to start a career is impressive even though the Buc’s had to throw the ball every down because they were losing.

  2. I don’t believe Larry Fitzgerald is officially retired yet. He will certainly be in the HOF. Beyond that I don’t think there are any sure bets. Two years ago, Antonio Brown looked like a great bet – not so much now. Hopkins and Julio seem to have decent chances.

  3. I’d say the active guys with the best shot of it right now are probably Julio, DHop, AB, and technically Larry Fitz since he hasn’t officially retired yet so I’d say he counts. Then you have guys like Hill, Evans, A.J. Green, Michael Thomas, and maybe DeSean Jackson who just need a smidge more before they get really serious consideration.

  4. It all depends on continued work ethic and staying healthy … Fitzgerald and Antonio Brown will get in, especially if Brown can stay out of trouble, the same with Tyreek Hill. Evans and Jones could make it too, though despite numbers, Jones has low TDs … Green has to rededicate to football while staying healthy, an uphill climb. DeSean Jackson has dogged it too much to make Canton. Thomas also has a chance.

  5. There was a time where AJ Green looked like a shoe in, but he fell hard to injuries. Chad Johnson was even more dominant with the Bengals, but also wasn’t able to hang around and pad those numbers for HOF status. If you’re judging purely by primes, Chad was a top 3 WR from 2001 to 2009.

  6. Jarvis Landry may not wow anyone with his yearly stats, but the guy just keeps producing. He is the Frank Gore of WRs. Another 4-5 years doing what he does and he’ll be in…

  7. I feel like getting into the HoF is easier than ever. Not NBA-easy, but everyone seems to be “better” than anyone else who ever played the game (thank you offensively-oriented rules changes over the years) and we do always need a star. That said, I do believe there are some great receivers out there – but for me it is beyond the stat line.

    See you in Canton Fitz.

  8. Larry Fitzgerald for sure. Deandre Hopkins. Julio Jones. For the younger guys that could make it if they continue their pace: Davante Adams, Tyreek Hill, Mike Evans, Stefon Diggs, Michael Thomas if this past season was a fluke and he can return to form. I know Antonio Brown has become one of the least liked players in the league the past few years, but you can’t deny that he was a top 3 WR for almost a decade. From 2011-2018, he averaged 1380 yards and 9.25 TDs per season.

  9. Fitzgerald is the only guy out there who will get in.

    Once again, why is Henry Ellard still not in the HOF? At least when he retired he was #3 all time in receiving yards, playing in the 1980’s and 1990’s (when passing wasn’t what it is today). And he was played as a PR for the first couple of seasons (and not a HOF QB to pass him the ball). If you look at the top 20 in receiving yards only 3 retired before 1999 (Largent, Lofton and Ellard).

    If Jones can have 3 more 1,000 plus yard seasons, he can end his career at #3 in receiving yards (of course playing at a time when passing was the game).

    If Hopkins can keep it up for the next 6 years, he will get in.

    4 years ago Brown looked like a shoe in. He’s a shadow of himself and will not make it.

  10. AB, the current Gaetz of the NFL, has no more chance at the HOF than you or i;

    the obvious choice is Fitzgerald, followed by Hopkins;

    Jones has been hurt too much and everyone else is too young or lacks the credentials, like Adam’s and the no.1 WRs in Buffalo and Chicago;

  11. With younger guys, staying healthy is the primary factor in putting up the requisite career stats. If healthy, I like Justin Jefferson’s chances.

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