With Kyle Trask in the fold, will Ryan Griffin be the odd man out in Tampa?


The Buccaneers had two quarterbacks on the roster in 2020, and one on the practice squad. They currently have four. Will they have jobs for four of them come September?

“That will be a tough decision with how we go,” coach Bruce Arians told reporters on Tuesday. “We’ll see how that goes. We’ve only had two in the past and one on the practice squad, so we will just see how that plays out.”

The Buccaneers currently have Tom Brady (duh), rookie second-rounder Kyle Trask, and veterans Blaine Gabbert and Ryan Griffin. With Arians recently saying that Gabbert is the most underrated player in the league, the odd many out would be Griffin.

For now, Griffin is at OTAs and trying to get better.

“It’s great for him to come back and get his brain working,” Arians said. “It’s one thing to go over there [at off-site workouts with Brady] and throw routes. It’s another thing to have secondary guys blitzing and have to read stuff and get the ball out of your hand, which he did a great job with today.”

Still, unless the Bucs plan to keep four quarterbacks, Griffin could be in trouble. Which would mean that the guy who helped Tom Brady hobble through his Weekend at Bernie’s moment at the Super Bowl boat parade could end up being the real dead man walking in Tampa.

2 responses to “With Kyle Trask in the fold, will Ryan Griffin be the odd man out in Tampa?

  1. It is absolutely wild that he has been able to stay on one team for 7 seasons, with three different head coaches, and only has 4 pass attempts. What other QB can say that??

  2. I think Arians statement about Gabbert is very telling. So is the statement about Trask. That leaves Griffin as the odd man out. I totally believe Ariens is wrong about Gabbert. Only Ariens wants to ‘go to war’ with a career backup who stinks. Even with a stacked team, you need a decent QB under center. Gabbert can’t carry a team for any length of time. Brady is the man who triggers the show. Hopefully Trask is the future of the team. Right now I would have more faith in Griffin than Gabbert, at least Griffin can pass. He puts on a passing show every preseason. But neither is the answer if Brady goes down for any length of time. Brady has that leadership quality that Gabbert clearly doesn’t have. I have no idea what Griffin has. Trask should leadership at Florida, but that’s a stretch for any contender to be lead by a rookie if your starter went down early in the season.

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