Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady will hit golf course in next installment of “The Match”

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Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers‘ football plans for 2021 remain the subject of much conjecture, but we know that he will be doing some golfing in July.

Rodgers will team up with Bryson DeChambeau to take on Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson for the latest installment of “The Match” from Montana on July 6. Brady and Mickelson teamed up against Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods last May in a highly rated event that was followed by one in November that featured Stephen Curry and Charles Barkley.

The event, which will air on TNT, will raise money for Feeding America and other charities.

All of the players will be wearing microphones during the event. Assuming Rodgers’ status remains up in the air, many people will likely listen in for any hint of where things stand for the sport that made him famous in the first place.

13 responses to “Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady will hit golf course in next installment of “The Match”

  1. Notice that Rogers won’t be hitting the packers football field any time soon! I sure did! 🤫

  2. These Cali ‘dudes’ have been friends for yrs. Kinda strange Rodgers situation parallels Brady’s. Mad when drafting the replacement, unhappy with his contract, unhappy with the weapons provided. Brady seemed to land on his feet. Guess Rodgers is on the same script. I think he’s outta there.

  3. Feeding America is a great charity. Not a surprise that Aaron is a part of this.

    Everyone that is able to, should donate to Feeding America today.

    I donate to FAEW(Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin) three times a year.

  4. Rodgers will have time on the course to ask Brady why he took less money so the team could put better players around him to win those 7 rings!

  5. When will Rodgers randomly get angry and decide he isn’t going to play with Bryson DeChambeau anymore?

  6. “Missed opportunity to have Brady team up with Koepka.” As pointed out elsewhere, add Gutekunst to the Koepka team and it would be perfect.

  7. DeChambeau will probably drive Rodgers, Brady and Mickelson as crazy as he does all the other PGA golfers.

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