Antonio Brown gets $3.1 million, with chance to double it

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Antonio Brown is officially a Buccaneer. And he’s officially making more money than he did in 2020.

Via Field Yates of, Brown received a $2 million signing bonus and a $1.1 million base salary. He can make another $900,000 in per-game roster bonuses, with player/team improvement in certain statistical categories.

The deal also includes incentives based on catches, yards, and touchdowns. He gets $333,333 for 50 catches, another $333,334 if he gets to 70 receptions, $333,333 if he generated 600 yards receiving, another $333,334 if he gets to 800 yards, $333,333 for five touchdowns, and another $333,333 if he gets to seven.

If the Bucs win the Super Bowl and if Brown participates in at least 45 percent of the offensive snaps, Brown pockets another $250,000.

So that’s $3.1 million in base pay, with another $3.15 million available. It’s a good deal given his spot on the depth chart. And it continues to be amazing that the Bucs have found a way to keep the entire starting lineup together, and then some.

8 responses to “Antonio Brown gets $3.1 million, with chance to double it

  1. The SB bonus would be icing on the cake, but Brown can make $5.9 million by playing all games and getting 70 catches for 800 yards and 7 TDs.

  2. thejugulator how many SB would he have won, none. Yeah the single guy would of had more millions, bet he is glad he did what he did, he wouldn’t be where he’s at without. It’s not about the journey, but the destination.

  3. I dunno about such specific incentives with a guy like Brown. If he’s at 6 TDs with two weeks to play, you really think he’s not going to start losing it if every play in the redzone isn’t going his way?

  4. formerlyflaccodelic Brady won’t let it get that close, he takes care of his guys. Evans got his 1000. I think Gronk is the forgotten one in all this. He never complains and he is always open on routes, yet Brady goes to someone else more often then not. But he sure tried and made it up to him in the SB, He tried to get him 3 TD’s.

  5. based on they used him in the past he will not get the catch bonuses but will get the td bonuses

  6. He could have made $30M with the Raiders. 10 TIMES what this contract is worth. But there was this little problem of him being a psycho.

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