Carson Wentz: There’s always going to be pressure and expectations at this position


There’s a lot riding on how Carson Wentz performs this year for the Colts.

If he plays 75 percent of Indianapolis’ offensive snaps or 70 percent while they make the playoffs, then the Colts will send a first-round pick to the Eagles to complete the trade. If that doesn’t happen, then the Eagles will get a second-round pick.

The Colts also are thought of as a team that can make a deep playoff run — provided their quarterback plays up to that standard. Wentz certainly didn’t in 2020, which is part of why he’s now in Indianapolis.

It stands to reason that Wentz could feel like he’s under more pressure in 2021. But that’s apparently not how he’s seeing things.

“This is the game we play. This is the position I’ve chosen. There was always going to be pressure and expectations,” Wentz said in his Wednesday press conference, via Jim Ayello of the Indianapolis Star. “It’s been the same my whole career, go to work and block out the outside noise.”

There’s a lot of time between now and the start of the season for Wentz to get acclimated and alleviate some of the inevitable pressure. But Wentz’s play is sure to be highly scrutinized throughout the upcoming year.

4 responses to “Carson Wentz: There’s always going to be pressure and expectations at this position

  1. Carson knows full well what pressure feels like. He played in Philly. It didn’t go well.

  2. Has been lousy at blocking out the noise over past couple years. Better be able to do it & play well this year – otherwise IND may very well be the last place he gets a chance to be QB1

  3. As bad as Wentz looked last year the majority of his problems were mental as he was forcing and trying to do too much under pressure. Rivers in his last year with the Chargers you could see he was having issues with the deep ball in general and really any pass in general. Now when you look at Rivers last year you still see some of the same problems although not nearly as glaring because of the great o-line and running game. I’d venture to say with Wentz it will be the same. At times you’ll see him pull a head scratching move but with that line you’ll see him more often than not playing closer to his ceiling when he was an MVP candidate.

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