Clelin Ferrell: I know who I am as a player and I know my work is going to pay off

Los Vegas Raiders v New York Jets
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Since the Raiders selected him at No. 4 overall in 2019, defensive end Clelin Ferrell hasn’t put up the numbers one would expect from a top-five pick.

In 26 games over his first two years, Ferrell has just 6.5 sacks, 11 tackles for loss, and 18 quarterback hits. He missed five games last season while posting 2.0 sacks.

Some of Ferrell’s lack of production has come from him splitting time between playing on the edge and in the interior of the Raiders’ defensive line. But entering his critical third season — Las Vegas will have to make a decision on his fifth-year option next spring — Ferrell said Wednesday that he’s trying to stay consistent and keep in mind that the results will come.

“I think the biggest thing for me in the big scheme of things is just not growing weary,” Ferrell said in his press conference. “I think the No. 1 thing is, I’ve got tape of me dominating games. I’ve got practice film of me killing it in practice. And for a lot of people, the results are going to come. I’ve got stats, but they’re not the dominant stats that everybody wants to see from myself because they know I can get them. It’s cool, but at the same time, I’ve got to stay patient, stay consistent. At times it does get tough because you’re like, ‘Dag, man, I just want to have the numbers.’

“I’m putting the work in every day. But I think it’s me staying disciplined, staying true to myself, not trying to be outside of myself. I know who I am as a player and the No. 1 thing is I know it’s going to pay off. So, just staying disciplined and being myself every single day. Be the same person every single day regardless of what anybody says, regardless of the circumstances, just come in work hard and try to get this team to a Super Bowl.”

Ferrell has a few new running mates on Las Vegas’ defensive line, including prized free agent Yannick Ngakoue. But for the Raiders high draft investment to pay off, Ferrell has to make his presence felt on a week-to-week basis in 2021.

3 responses to “Clelin Ferrell: I know who I am as a player and I know my work is going to pay off

  1. He hasn’t changed anyone’s mind who gasped when they made that pick out of left field.

  2. If the critics of Cle would watch the tape of the National championship game he was in, you can see the potential. Paul G was a good DC when he had Carlos Dunlap and Geno Atkins on his line with a psycho middle linebacker, with other talent, he was unable to create a scheme that fit the talents of his players. Mayock is correct that Cle is a run stopping talent that is rare for a DE. He is not a speed and bend sack artist. The run stuff in the Chiefs game last year was a game changer. Also, he has been not as healthy as he could be…

    Look for his body to mature with some added muscle and strength. Solomon Thomas next to him will make his life a lot easier. He may never get the sacks, but in a scheme that is geared to his stregths, he will produce. Plus, what a great guy period to have in the locker room. Let’s think about long term culture and character. Pro Football is a hard game to play, I had no idea till I was 100′ from the field in a Raiders practice in Oxnard in 86-87. Big fast guys covering 10 yds in seconds.. Also saw Christian Okoyoe as this was at Cal Lutheran, His legs were as big around as mine torso… What a specimen..

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