Jakobi Meyers: Mac Jones “blessed” to have arm talent he has

Patriots Draft Pick Mac Jones
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The Patriots have had all four of their quarterbacks on the field for organized team activities the last two days and that’s provided other members of the team with their first chance to work with first-round pick Mac Jones.

One of the team’s wideouts gave a positive review of what the rookie has shown during passing drills. Wide receiver Jakobi Meyers thinks Jones has the kind of arm you need to make it in the NFL.

“We haven’t been in a game yet, but from the couple of days we have had together, he’s been definitely easy to work with,” Meyers said, via Mark Daniels of the Providence Journal. “He probably won’t run past everybody, so throwing a catchable ball is definitely something that’s got him to where he is and he’s blessed to have the arm talent he has. It’s definitely nice working with him.”

Meyers said the team has “a great group of quarterbacks” in Jones, Cam Newton, Jarrett Stidham, and Brian Hoyer. Newton, Stidham, and Hoyer have all had at least a little time to show what they can do in the offense, so Jones figures to continue to be a center of attention as he finds his way in the professional ranks.

6 responses to “Jakobi Meyers: Mac Jones “blessed” to have arm talent he has

  1. Anyone have the scoop on Stidham? Will he be cut before the season starts?

  2. “ Newton, Stidham, and Hoyer have all had at least a little time to show what they can do in the offense”

    Yes….hence why they drafted Jones

  3. Jakobi…should know better….Speaking out like this is a no-no in Patriot circles….. he has been around long enough to understand the Patriots way….

    Bet you a cup of coffee…..Jakobi will not be speaking to the press or heard from until the season begins….

  4. jrterrier5 says:
    May 26, 2021 at 9:42 am
    Anyone have the scoop on Stidham? Will he be cut before the season starts?

    Can’t imagine them keeping four QBs. Hoyer knows the system but has limited upside as a starter, Stidham hasn’t shown anything but is on a cheap rookie deal, and Cam is a wild card. Wouldn’t really be surprised if any of them were to get cut.

  5. Hoyer is there to mentor Jones. Don’t really want to see him on the field.

  6. Brian Hoyer may just be there to mentor all the QB’s, as he has the most experience and none of them have more than 1 year in the system save for Stidham, and his second year had no off season or pre-season. Hoyer was brought on as a player because players have no limits on the time they can spend with other players, whereas coaches do. In addition, first year coaches make a lot less money than the veteran minimum. I’m guessing Hoyer would have sought an opportunity to play elsewhere if the Patriots did not bring him on as a player versus a coach this year. Once we get to roster cut downs, he will be cut and placed on the teams expanded practice squad (12 players this year) enabling him to continue to collect his vet minimum salary, run the scout team so Stidham and Jones can focus on the Patriots offense and grow, post covid, while Cam is the starter. If Cam does not have a good year he will not be back. If he has a good year, he will likely sign with another team. If he has a great year, he may be back, if he doesn’t sign with another team. Two of those scenarios leave the Patriots with Stidham, Jones, and Hoyer in 2022, with Hoyer again being there (if needed) to mentor. The battle in 2022 will be between Stidham and Jones. Whoever finishes second is the backup. Hoyer can be the emergency QB and remain on the practice squad in 2022 as the squad limit rises to 14 in 2022. Belichick always finds ways to take advantage of the rules, and in this case, it is a good deal for the team, for Hoyer, and for the QB’s.

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