NFL officials call Eugene Chung allegation “disturbing,” vow to investigate

USA Today

NFL officials vowed today to do better after former NFL player and assistant coach Eugene Chung said he was told in a job interview with an NFL team this offseason that he is “not the right minority” to get an NFL coaching job.

“It’s disturbing,” NFL Executive Vice President for Football Operations Troy Vincent said. “When you hear it, it tells you how much work we still have to do, how much education is needed for all of us.”

Vincent said he has spoken with Chung and that Dasha Smith, the NFL’s Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, is investigating.

“It’s not at all in line with our standards and what we stand for in the NFL,” Smith said.

Chung says he will not tell who told him he’s not the right minority, so it’s unclear whether the NFL will ever get to the bottom of it, but the league could discipline the person if they find out who it was.