Rae Carruth’s son prepares for high-school graduation

Scott Fowler
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If his father had had his way, Chancellor Lee Adams never would have lived. Now, as explained by Scott Fowler of the Charlotte Observer, he’s about to graduate high school.

The son of Rae Carruth, a first-round pick of the Panthers in 1997, the 21-year-old Adams has battled brain damage and cerebral palsy as a result of the murder of his mother and the failed attempt to kill him, a crime commissioned by Carruth, who hired a trio of assassins to kill Cherica Adams and her unborn child.

Carruth was convicted and served 19 years in prison. He was released in 2018 and currently lives in Pennsylvania.

Cherica’s mother, Saundra, raised Chancellor Lee.

“He’s really worked hard,” Saundra said. “He’s been on the A/B honor roll a lot. I’m just so proud, so I may be a little loud.”

It remains a sad and tragic story. But Chancellor Lee’s ability to survive and to thrive provides a thick silver lining. And his grandmother’s dedication and devotion to Chancellor Lee is an example we should all strive to emulate with our own family members.

19 responses to “Rae Carruth’s son prepares for high-school graduation

  1. How Carruth got only 18 years is beyond me. What Carruth did was beyond evil. Only 18 years makes you question the court system.

  2. A story that made every person’s soul churn. Insane that it was 21 years ago. But what a remarkable story of survival in the face of such a heinous crime. Shows what a family should be made of. Too bad Rae never tried to stop and think about that…

  3. Rae Rae must’ve used ALL his bank on an incredible attorney…only 19 yrs for murder of a woman & maiming her unborn kid?? Ludicrous!!!

  4. Congratulations to Mr. Adams for this accomplishment for which he has worked so hard. Ms. Adams, be as loud as you want, he deserves the noise and you deserve praise for raising a strong young man.

  5. I don’t understand a criminal justice system that let Carruth out of prison!

  6. Forgot Rae had gotten out. Despicable. Rae Carruth should not be a free man. But good on Chancellor. Already 10 times the man his father ever was. You get loud grandma, you deserve to be as loud as you want.

  7. The fact he ever got out of prison is sad he should have spent the rest of his life in jail with no option of parole. Its crazy how some serious crimes people get out quickly then u have minor crimes and people spend forever in jail.

  8. I remember this story – the attempted murder- when it happened. Just so barbaric. To read some positive coming out of such tragedy – this young man is an inspiration. I wish him well in whatever life brings to him. (Only good, I hope.)

  9. Congrats to this young man who had a wall in front of him before he was born. And especially to his grandmother, what a remarkable job she has done raising him!!!

  10. This choked me up this morning. What a courageous young man Adams is and I hope he continues to succeed in life. I was shocked to learn Carruth was released from prison. He was responsible for a horrendous murder so why didn’t he get life in prison?

  11. Congratulations to this young man for reaching this major milestone in life in spite of all the hurdles he’s had to overcome. He’s an inspiration to many. Wishing him the best always.

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