Sam Darnold on less pressure in Carolina: Depends on how you see it

New York Jets v New England Patriots
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When Sam Darnold entered the NFL as the third overall pick of the 2018 draft, he was attached to expectations that he would develop into the franchise quarterback that the Jets have been trying to find for four decades.

Injuries, illness, coaching changes, lackluster drafts, ineffective play and assorted other calamities kept Darnold from reaching that level and led to the trade that sent him to the Panthers ahead of this year’s draft. Moving on from the Jets would seem to take a burden off of Darnold’s back, but he said on Tuesday that his expectations for himself haven’t shifted.

“It depends on how you see it,” Darnold said, via Darin Gantt of the team’s website. “I’ve always had high expectations for myself, first and foremost. Expectations outside of that, to be honest, besides my teammates and my coaches, it doesn’t mean a whole lot. I think for me, it’s about what we expect as a team, what we expect to win, and for me, it’s about completing the ball and getting the team down the field and scoring touchdowns. That’s all I care about. As long as we do that and I do my job, we’re all good.”

Darnold said that it has been “a seamless transition” to his new team thus far. Bumps in the road are likely to come, but the hope in Carolina is that a stronger supporting cast and the experience Darnold gained with the Jets will lead to better results in his fourth NFL season.

3 responses to “Sam Darnold on less pressure in Carolina: Depends on how you see it

  1. More pressure with the Jets vs USC? Really?

    There are 3 hockey teams, 2 baseball teams, 2 NBA, woman’s sports, channel 8 out of Hartford so you can watch the the Patriots, not to mention cable where you can watch people compete shoveling driveways in Siberia. The Jets rank somewhere between the WNBA and the Siberians. USC is a tad more important (out there) than the band aid brothers mess (over here).

    Green Bay has how many teams? I would think THAT would be pressure. Because there are 3 newspapers? Most people only read 1 of them, if at all.

    Pressure? Like the guy who has to work long hours and take crap to feed his family, with a sore back? Pressure in sports is self imposed. Those who get that, do amazing things ‘when it matters’.

  2. In a strange twist he doesn’t have to be the franchise savoir with Carolina, he just has to be better than Justin Fields.

  3. I do think with all these changes this year not only for him but the team they could end the season about a 500 team. As long as the team shows improvement then that is a win in this league.

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