Stefon Diggs wants five Super Bowl rings

Wild Card Round - Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills
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Tom Brady has seven Super Bowl rings. Charles Haley has five.

No other player has more than four.

Stefon Diggs is aiming high, though the Bills receiver apparently is conceding he won’t catch Brady.

In an interview with DC Magazine, Diggs laid out the lofty expectations he has for his career as he enters his seventh season.

“I haven’t reached the mountain top yet. I always aim high. I want five Super Bowl rings,” Diggs said in the magazine interview, via Jay Skurski of the Buffalo News. “I want the Hall of Fame. I want the glory. I believe I’m a champion. But, more so, I want to carry some people along with me. I want my brother, Trevon, to have a good career. I want to give my mom a place where she can be comfortable. I want to give people jobs. I want to do more for D.C., my city. The mountain top isn’t just for football; it’s for life in general. The more people I can help – that’s when I’ll look back and know I made a difference.”

Diggs, 27, led the league in receptions and receiving yards last season in his first season in Buffalo. His 127 receptions and 1,535 yards earned him Pro Bowl and All-Pro honors for the first time.

Diggs, though, has yet to play in a Super Bowl. The Bills, as a franchise, have yet to win one.

He is 4-4 in the postseason, losing in two championship games.

95 responses to “Stefon Diggs wants five Super Bowl rings

  1. hes only got 5 seasons left before the inevitable fall off at early 30’s like most wrs

  2. You should probably shoot for a second AFC East crown before anything else.

    Talk about getting ahead of yourself.

  3. So does everyone else. Everyone wants multiple Super Bowl rings. Why do people think that’s special. Johnny Manziel also wants five. I want five. But I’ll settle for a vet minimum contract if I have to.

  4. Better sign up with KC. I don’t see any other team with the “potential” for 5 rings in the foreseeable future.

  5. I cringe whenever I read a headline like this. How do you go from 0 superbowls to 5?

  6. How bout you try and get one first. Guy has no idea what that feels like or how hard it is to accomplish and he wants to skip right to one for the thumb. It will get messy between him and Allen i guarantee it

  7. I like it! Keep working. Keep striving. It’s a QB league, and the Bills have a great one. They also have some studs on defense. This is a young, talented team. Diggs isn’t just talking. The Bills are for real. I could definitely see a super bowl this year.

  8. Good luck Mr. Diggs. The Bills couldn’t win one ring even with a future HoF coach, QB, RB, WR and DE all playing for them in the same season.

  9. Join the Chiefs then, pretty simple. Only problem is he might win more than five.

  10. FWIW, the team with the leading WR hasn’t won a Super Bowl in the modern era.

  11. When you have zero and you’re thinking about number 4 you’ll never get 1.

  12. And back in Minnesota, Adam Thielen just hopes he doesn’t pull a muscle. Jokes on you Viking’s fans.

  13. He’ll be frustrated and making cryptic comments about the Bills after a couple more seasons with no trip to the Super Bowl. Then he’ll be traded to the Raiders, where former great WRs go to quietly fade away.

  14. LOL. I’ll be surprised if Buffalo makes it to one SB under the current regime and this guy thinks he’s winning 5.

  15. No problem!
    Diggs makes a lot of money, he can afford to buy 5 super bowl rings on the open market.

    As for earning even one, good luck, it’s very hard.

  16. In Buffalo? Dude, let me bring you up to speed. That franchise is allergic to winning Superbowls.

  17. Nothing wrong with aiming high. And what a great quote. I hope he’s successful on all fronts.

  18. He hasn’t even got one. Find it comical these guys say crap like this. Most players would be happy with ONE SB Ring.
    Not everyone can be a Patriot. lol

  19. What with ebay dot com and the other auction websites, plus Diggs’ current salary, this is a very achievable goal. He could have five Super Bowl Rings in no time.

  20. I remember when Deshone Kizer started comparing himself to Brady – before he’d taken a snap in the NFL. This feels the same. The guy’s talking about five super bowl rings when he doesn’t have even one.

    Walk the walk please. Talking the walk before you’re taken the first step might be a mite pretentious, don’t you think?

  21. He can certainly go to the super bowl four Consecutive times… And probably not win a single ring.

  22. You get to say you want to have five Super Bowl rings when you have two or three. Saying it when you have none is a little premature.

  23. Doesn’t hurt to dream big, as long as you don’t get all uppity when you don’t get it all.

  24. so he wants to be traded, nobody chokes better than the Bills!!

  25. The money he makes, I’m quite certain he can find some on eBay. Wait, did he mean from actually winning 5 Superbowls?? Hahahaha

  26. If it were only that easy. So let it be said, so let it be written, so let it be done.

  27. And he also wants to cure cancer and walk on the moon. These guys are unbelievable. Before you’re a 5 time champ you have to win 4, before you’re a 4 time champ you have to win 3, and so on. These guys can’t stop talking nonsense..

  28. Love Diggs fire and work ethic. He and Josh are the perfect tandem at WR and QB for this team. Lord know I hope we finally get a Lombardi with these two guys leading the way. I would be happy with one, but five would be nice.

  29. Never gonna happen in Buffalo you’ll be lucky to even makes it to the Super Bowl there

  30. Keep you head and and keeping working hard. Oh, and keep your eye on eBay because that’s the only way your getting 5 rings.

  31. Whoa Stefon. Aim high but be realistic. Match last year’s production. Make the playoff and win #1 first.

  32. Oh the diva wide receivers. What happens to them after a few years in the league?

  33. While he wants 5 he’ll get none, especially playing with the choke job of the Buffalo Bills.

  34. I like his chances to get one. The Bills seem to be doing things right in building a contender. Aiming high is ok, but just shoot for one first, then think about a second, then third, and so on.

  35. How about Diggs starts with one Super Bowl ring before he talks about five? He’s a good football player but not anywhere near the elite player he thinks he is.

  36. Feel sorry for him…He’s not going to get any! (Bet they don’t win the division this year)

  37. I used to want 5 as well. But I turned 64 this year, and lowered my expectation to just 4.

  38. I can’t help but take everything this dude says the wrong way. The evidence shows he cares about himself and himself only.

  39. I love Diggs. Sometimes when I’m watching him I think he’s lazy, taking plays off. Then I figure it out – it’s all a chess game, he’s setting guys up to rip right by them on a deep route.

    Being a great WR is a lot about acting.

  40. The Analytical Kid says: “FWIW, the team with the leading WR hasn’t won a Super Bowl in the modern era.”

    Um, what?! Jerry Rice did it. TWICE.

  41. If they can somehow get to Superbowl it’d be more likely the 5th Superbowl lost. 😆

  42. Stefon Diggs wants five Super Bowl rings….and the people in Hell want ice water.

    Every player wants 5 Superbowl rings. How about winning one BEFORE saying you want 5?

  43. Why stop at 5. I believe with your checkbook you can easily get 10.
    Just set an alert on your Ebay acct.

  44. What is it with WRs that makes them go into diva mode as soon as they experience some success? Hopefully Allen doesn’t have a down year because as soon as this happens he’ll have a classic diva meltdown.

  45. The Bills had a rare chance to go to the SB last season when the Patriots were weak. Now the Patriots will be strong again. Perhaps that SB chance already passed. I say finagle a way to the Chiefs. They have better chance of going to the SB than the Bills.

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