Tom Brady pokes fun at Aaron Rodgers over upcoming golf match


Tom better be careful, or these jokes he’s making about The Match will put him on The List.

Bucs quarterback Tom Brady, who will partner with Phil Mickelson to face Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Bryson DeChambeau in a golf match on July 6, has taken to social media to poke some fun at Rodgers.

Brady, or whoever does his social-media work, has posted several versions of the Brooks Koepka/DeChambeau meme, where Koepka is exasperated during an interview when DeChambeau walks past behind him.

In one, Koepka is “Aaron Rodgers” and DeChambeau is “The Packers Kicking a Field Goal Down 7.”

In another tweet, Brady says that he and Mickelson “better get used to laying up because we know [Rodgers] isn’t going for it.”

It’s funny. Whether Rodgers agrees with that assessment is a different question. Green Bay had the Bucs on the ropes after falling behind by 18 points in the NFC Championship, and the ball was taken out of Rodgers’ hands on a key fourth down when the Packers were down by eight.

Rodgers got reminded of it when he hosted Jeopardy! He seemed to play along with the joke. If you watch the video closely, however, you may see a small trickle of blood coming from his mouth.

OK, I’m kidding. The blood was coming from his ear.