Trevor Lawrence on Tim Tebow: “That’s just a guy you want to be around”

Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp
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Tim Tebow is a polarizing figure. On one issue, there’s no disagreement. He comes off as a very nice guy. Friendly, positive. People who have dealt with him directly rarely say anything other than good things about him.

His arrival in Jacksonville overshadowed the selection of quarterback Trevor Lawrence as the first No. 1 overall pick in Jaguars history. Speaking to PFT PM on Wednesday, Lawrence made it clear that he quickly has become impressed by Tebow.

“I can say he’s in great shape.” Lawrence said. “You can tell he’s been working getting ready for an opportunity if he gets one. Like I said, you can tell he’s ready. He’s really smart. I think that it helps that he played quarterback for a number of years and learned a few different systems. Now learning a new system at tight end is probably a little bit less as far as the learning curve just because he’s just learning the tight end position now. He’s great from that standpoint. I think just what he brings to the team, that’s just a guy you want to be around. Great character, super hard worker. Just does things the right way. Those are the first initial impressions for me.”

Lawrence said he found out that Tebow was officially a member of the team when the rest of us did.

“It’s funny, we were sitting there in the facility eating lunch up above kind of in the stadium and it pops up on the big Jumbotron, ‘Breaking news, Tim Tebow’s signing with Jacksonville,'” Lawrence said. “We knew this was a possibility just from what we’ve seen but we weren’t sure. That was the first time I met him was last week. We’ve had three practices together now. It’s been great.”

We’ll see where it goes from here. If Tebow can pass the eyeball test as a tight end, Tebow can find a way to stick around in September, either as a member of the 53-man roster or the practice squad, with the ability to be called up to the game-day roster.

24 responses to “Trevor Lawrence on Tim Tebow: “That’s just a guy you want to be around”

  1. If he is such a hard worker than why did it take so long to get around to playing TE? If he is such a hard worker than why does he never improve? Made more commercials in Denver than he did adjustments to his game. His work ethic is mythology.

  2. And with that, it is official that the Jags are more interested in promoting Tebow than ensuring the success of their new franchise QB. Feeling sorry for Trevor Lawrence. What a train wreck.

  3. As long as Tebow isn’t around Trevor in the QB meeting room. Otherwise..yeah…he’s cool to be around.

  4. Gee, is Tim going to be the hardest working player there? There is no “I” in team, but there is an “I” in Tim.

  5. BuckyBadger says:
    May 26, 2021 at 7:07 pm
    If he is such a hard worker than why did it take so long to get around to playing TE? If he is such a hard worker than why does he never improve? Made more commercials in Denver than he did adjustments to his game. His work ethic is mythology.


    His dream was to be a QB. He could have done this earlier, but he didn’t want to change positions. Obviously he decided differently
    once Meyer went to Jax. And his work ethic is legendary and actual truth. He worked on his throwing motion like his life depended on it. He worked with Tom House for 18 months. He’s always working out and has stayed ready for years. Really, hitting him on his work ethic is jjust silly.

  6. It’s mind blowing to me that Tebow is considered polarizing. I’ve never read a single thing that makes me think he does anything but work his tail off and treat everyone with respect. What that man does for people with developmental disabilities is incredible. You don’t have to like him, but there’s absolutely ZERO reason to dislike him.

  7. Anyone who thinks Tebow isn’t making the Jags is sadly mistaken. He will not only make the team, but will play a significant amount of snaps. He is the perfect H-Back for Urban’s offense, ala Cole Magner at Bowling Green, Mike Liti at Utah, Trey Burton at Florida, Rod Smith at Ohio State. He is not going to be a prototypical NFL tight end; he is going to be an H-Back in a spread/zone run scheme and he is absolutely perfect for it. Underestimating Urban Meyer is foolish.

  8. And there’s the plaque Jacksonville can put on the side of their stadium:

    Trevor Lawrence on Tim Tebow: “That’s just a guy you want to be around”.

  9. The general public and the media have gotten overly worked up over Tebow. The worst part is the foul comments from past players talking about stealing jobs.
    Tebow is there intentionally to lower the spotlight on Lawrence as he transitions to the NFL. He also was brought in as an example to young players on how to work hard. There is little chance he makes a team but is far more valuable in the off-season Minichamps etc then another young guy who will be working for UPS come September. As for the other issue that many current athlete who have gotten big dollar signing bonuses put it in cruise control. Those players are stealing a number of jobs.

  10. If Tebow’s attitude can rub off on the 52 other players then that team would be unbeatable. His work ethic and desire is amazing. It’s too bad he didn’t make the switch away from QB years ago. There are a dozen teams who have the talent to win a Super Bowl…the deciding factor is motivation.

    The hard part is convincing the 52 other egos on the team to commit themselves to that mindset…that’s a big ask.

  11. He won’t be saying that when Coach Meyer … benches him for Tim Tebow who leads us to the Super Bowl! Tebow Time Baby!!!!

  12. Tebow is not stealing anyone’s job. If he shows up and is a better TE than you. What does that say about your abilities as a TE? It tells me you weren’t very good. Teams pickup players and drop players all the time.

  13. Seriously, if any of you believe that there are any NFL players who have a decent career who don’t have a great work ethic you’re sadly mistaken. All the trumpeting of Tebow’s work ethic implies that other players don’t have it, which is ridiculous.

    NFL teams have zero tolerance for guys who can’t do their jobs so guys who don’t work don’t last very long.

  14. Teams that have great locker room chemistry have two main ingredients going for them. 1.A great coaching staff. 2.A player that is a polarizing figure.A team leader that everyone listens too.Tim Tebow is that guy.Tim is a leader of men and a workout warrior. He sets the tone for the team by leading by example. Tim is a proven winner and a fierce competitor. If I was a head coach,that’s a guy that I would want on my football team,period.

  15. Chris Simms seemed awfully jealous of Tebow while discussing him on the Dan Patrick Show yesterday.

  16. Bucky Badger: Tebow never improved? He did quite well his rookie year in McDaniels’ offense (82.1 rating, WITHOUT McDaniels). Then the lockout happened and the new coaches and GM banished him to 3rd string. Then he played on a 1-4 team, with everybody making it up as they went along. He posted the #1 passing rating in the 4th Q when they let him pass. His 15th start he torched the #1 passing defense in the playoffs, then he fell for the same fate as Andrew Luck: got destroyed by Bill Belichick in the playoffs. Passer rating regular season 14 starts: 75.1. Passer rating in the playoffs, starts 15 and 16? 90.0. Passer rating for his last team? 90.0 (Eagles). He then spent an entire summer working on his throwing motion with Tom Brady’s coach, but was never signed again. It’s tough to show absolute improvement when he never got off-season reps or a training camp as the #1, or even another start after his playoff game.

  17. He’s a Christian conservative. That’s why he gets hated on. If it was just because he was a bad starting QB, there’s plenty of dudes like that. Certain folks don’t like what Tebow represents, which is the old way of being a good person. The new way is to be angry and divisive all the time.

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