Ahkello Witherspoon believes he’s best cornerback in NFL when he’s healthy

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New Seattle Seahawks cornerbacks Ahkello Witherspoon had some great stretches of play during his first four seasons with the San Francisco 49ers. He also had some stretches that were not-so-stellar, which included him getting benched at times for his inconsistent play.

Now joining the Seahawks this offseason after signing with the team as a free agent, Witherspoon is eager to prove what type of player he is. In his view, that player is one of the best in the NFL.

“When I was healthy, I was the best corner in the league. I’m not going to settle for anything else,” Witherspoon said on Thursday.

Witherspoon has appeared in 47 games with 33 starts during his four seasons with San Francisco. While he has legitimately played at a high level for periods at a time, he was also benched last season with the 49ers in favor of Emmanuel Mosely. Witherspoon said that he had injuries during his time with the 49ers that weren’t publicly known that affected his play.

“When I got injured, I had two bad injuries that no one really knows about or cares bout and it’s not my place to make people care, but you go out there and you fight and you push through,” he said. “If you’re not at the best of your ability in this league and you’re not healthy, it’s difficult to stay at that level that it takes to be an All-Pro, that it takes to be a Pro Bowler. I’m just extremely excited to be healthy and clear-minded in a new environment, and I’m excited to put that on tape.”

Witherspoon wouldn’t elaborate on what those injuries were.

“I mean, it doesn’t matter. I’m here now and I’m healthy,” Witherspoon said.

Witherspoon has previously talked about a quadriceps injury and a sprained toe that saw him benched late in the 2019 season. He also spent time in the concussion protocol as well.

Witherspoon said that he had taken a visit to Seattle in the lead up to the draft in 2017 before he was selected by the 49ers in the third round. He had seen the Seahawks as a good fit for his skills and the decision to sign with Seattle made sense given his familiarity with a similar scheme in San Francisco. He also said Richard Sherman told him it would be a good fit for him as well given his prior experience with the Seahawks.

“I think I can play ball in any system but it’s convenient to be in a Cover 3 system once again around coaches that understand my length and what it does to a game and just kind of culminated in all those positives and it was kind of a no-brainer for me,” Witherspoon said.

9 responses to “Ahkello Witherspoon believes he’s best cornerback in NFL when he’s healthy

  1. Selective memory here by Spoon. Can he play great at times? Yes. Does he crumble when he makes an error? Count on it. 49ers needed corners and still let him walk…Saleh didn’t even take a nibble…

    Wish him no ill will, but he needs to put it together for more than a game or two before he can spout such nonsense.

  2. As a Niner fan, I was glad we didn’t resign AW and then absolutely stoked to see him land in a Seattle. Can’t wait to see us burn him on a regular basis twice a year.

  3. Witherspoon is full of crap. He was nothing but a disappointment with SF, who btw gave him a million chances to live up to his pre draft hype

    Hurt constantly, loafing and pouting when routinely getting torched by most receivers he was supposed to be covering.

    Mentioning him and Sherman in the same sentence is such an insult to RS

    But ya he is the best CB in the league😂


  4. Uhhhh wut…

    Seattle taking more of our table scraps. This man was terrible consistently who got absolutely torched. I remember him standing on the sideline SCARED to go in while an un-drafted rookie was forced to play due to injuries.

    Glad we’ll be the ones burning him for scores like the rest of the NFL on Sunday’s.

    If I didn’t make it clear he won’t be missed.

  5. If you’re only great when you’re 100% healthy, then football might not be the sport for you. I can understand why the Seagulls signed Spoon, though, he played very stoutly against Mr. Metcalf.

  6. I needed a good laugh. This dude is a lot of things but one of the best corners in the league IS NOT one of them nor has it EVER been one of them. What Witherspoon is terrible, and he likely will only get worse given SEAs below average inconsistent pass rush up front and the fact Carroll will likely lean on Witherspoon to cover top WRs given SEAs poor depth at the position. WR DeAndre Hopkins will show Witherspoon real quick he isn’t the best corner in the league.

  7. Spoon is delusional.. Dude never flips his head to track the football. Just follows his receiver and either commits PI or gives up a deep throw.. C- Corner..

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