Clelin Ferrell: All of us are tired of losing

Buffalo Bills v Las Vegas Raiders
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It’s been a long time since the Raiders were consistent winners.

Aside from a 12-4 season that resulted in a playoff appearance in 2016, the Raiders haven’t had a winning record since they went 11-5 in 2002 and lost to former-and-current head coach Jon Gruden’s Buccaneers in Super Bowl XXXVII.

The team finished at 8-8 last year, improving a game on its 7-9 record in 2019. But both years included late-season collapses that prevented the club from making the postseason.

Enough is enough for one of the Raiders’ recent first-round picks.

“All of us are tired of losing,” defensive end Clelin Ferrell said Wednesday, via Adam Hill of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “It’s not just the fact that we’re losing, it’s the fact we get right there to the playoffs and just can’t get over the hump.”

The Raiders’ defense has been a significant factor in those issues. Last year, coordinator Paul Guenther was fired after Las Vegas allowed 200 yards rushing in back-to-back weeks in December. The Raiders ended the season 30th in points allowed and 25th in yards allowed.

Ferrell admitted he’s heard the (loud) criticism of Las Vegas’ defense.

“The question is what to do with it,” Ferrell said. “You take it and evaluate it. When you break it down, it’s people who don’t wake up and do what we do every single day speaking on what we do every single day.

“We understand people have opinions, but you can’t tell me how to drive a car you never drove. That’s how I look at it.”

Whether or not one agrees with the driving analogy, Ferrell and the rest of the Raiders need to play significantly better in their first year under coordinator Gus Bradley, or more changes will surely come.

16 responses to “Clelin Ferrell: All of us are tired of losing

  1. I ll never understand what took Gruden so long to fire Geunther, he was terrible.
    Del Rio made the same mistake with Norton.
    So obvious from a league and fan perspective.

  2. If you look the cowboys under Rod Marinelli, the DL or his term “rushmen” could not stop the run. He does not belive in space eaters or protecting the LB by a lineman tieing up the front. He wants gap shooter, lighter faster guys. It did not work anymore in Dallas and I don’t think it will work anymore in the NFL as teams that can power block and run will eat it up. WIth Rod still there and basicly the same front, other than DC I dont see much change.

    I dont think Hankins being back gives this any improvement and he is the biggest guy they have. PFF 61.6 2020 grade So yes expect teams to run on the raiders and defense to be in the bottom 1/2 of the league.

  3. At least u don’t have to worry about another 8-8 season Faiders..probably a lot more 8-9’s though!!!

  4. Welp! You’re on the Raiders dude! No QB or defensive stars to replace Mack! You can thank Gruden and Mayock for not using that draft capital to help you win!

    Adding to your frustration is the fact that you won’t get past Mahomes for the next ten years!

  5. This kid is tired of losing on a team that is not even close to being setup for winning. They invested all their resources to moving to another stadium for the 16th time. Maybe if they had a permanent home and fan base established they could focus on hiring competent management to build a roster instead of band aiding with 2nd string QBs and wasting valuable draft picks on guys like Maxx Crosby and Josh Jacobs, lmao.

  6. This guy has been a bust and he is complaining about his team’s record? Look in the mirror

  7. To understand the Raiders right now, you have to understand the dynamics of Jon Gruden. First of all, he’s a great offensive mind but is an average head coach. He badly wants to win. But his success is inconsistent. Why? Because Jon Gruden is a stubborn man. He’s been accused of being a dictator in his first stint as an NFL coach. He’s hardly that. But he is stubborn. That is why he gets fixed on certain players. That is why he doesn’t always see the big picture. That is why he refuses to do what is so obvious to most of us. The Mack trade was Mack’s doing — he wanted money the Raiders didn’t want to pay. They thought it was an offensive driven league and they have paid the price for that stubborn belief.

  8. This coming from the guy drafted to replace Khalil Mack! Ha!

    I don’t know of any NFL offensive lines scheming around Clelin Ferrell like they’re for Mack!

  9. If run defense is a problem they will be tested right out of the gate against the Ravens

  10. I don’t blame the guy for expressing his frustration. But he can’t blame fans or informed observers for the team’s failures. He was the fourth overall pick in the draft, and more was expected of him. It would help if he started playing like a Top 5 draft pick.

  11. I don’t have to know how to drive to understand that all the wheels coming off is a bad thing.

  12. Hey Cle, how has that “car driving” been working out for ya? Might I suggest that when you’re “driving the car” off a cliff, then just MAYBE other people know a thing or two about driving said car that you don’t.

    And Cle if you want to help, how about holding your teammates accountable for taking weeks off every time they get a hangnail!

    Raiders will have 4-5 new starters on defense this season, a new, highly accomplished DC in Gus Bradley and another year and offseason under the belts of our young talented guys.

    We needed a lot of change at all levels, they brought a lot of change, at all levels.

    We shall see where it takes us.

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