Danielle Hunter not at Vikings’ OTAs

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings
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Vikings defensive end Danielle Hunter is reportedly unhappy with his contract, so it’s no surprise he’s not participating in Organized Team Activities.

Hunter didn’t attend the start of OTAs and the Vikings aren’t anticipating him being there, according to ESPN.

By staying home, Hunter is foregoing a $100,000 workout bonus. But Hunter reportedly has his sights set on a new contract that would more than make up for a measly $100,000.

However, it’s hard to see the Vikings agreeing to a new deal. Hunter is still under contract for three more seasons, and at the time Hunter and the Vikings agreed to his current contract, the Vikings weren’t anticipating the salary cap shrinking, as it has this year. Hunter is also coming off a 2020 season in which he didn’t play at all because of a neck injury.

Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman sounded unconcerned about the situation with Hunter when asked about him after the draft.

“I think he’s going to have an excellent, outstanding year for us,” Spielman said. “Looking forward to getting him back on the field along with all the other guys that we weren’t able to play with last year. Getting all that gang back together along with the new additions in free agency and the picks we had in the draft. Very excited to see where this team is headed.”

If Hunter returns to health and has a big year in 2021, he may get a raise in 2022. But this year, the Vikings’ stance will likely be that Hunter needs to get to work under his current deal.

16 responses to “Danielle Hunter not at Vikings’ OTAs

  1. Just get to work and be thankful you have a great paying job.
    I am getting so tired of all these babies crying all the time. GROWN UP

  2. Looks like the Vikings still have some of their own problems to worry about.

  3. He’s reportedly furious that they didn’t address the defense early enough and wasted a high pick on a QB. Stay tuned.

  4. He needs to prove he can get through this season healthy and playing at a high level before addressing the contract is even a question. Take the money you made playing in 0.00 games last year and pretend it was future pay or whatever you need to do but get your booty back on that field.

  5. 7-9 teams should probably make more of an effort to keep their best players happy.

  6. Neck injuries are worrisome. Don’t pay the man anymore until we know it’s not a recurring issue. Go out and prove yourself Hunter this year if you want a big raise…

  7. People in a position to know are saying that the Vikings are going to take care of Hunter and he’s aware of it. It makes sense he wouldn’t show up for OTAs until the deal is done, but I expect they’ll come up with something both sides are happy with before training camp.

  8. The guy is a too defensive end and probably deserves more. But there is no way to tell if he comes back fully from his neck injury. Throw a rider on his current contract with an incentive for sacks and pressures renogotiate next year. That seems fair. If he is back to form, he will get more money and a chance for a new contract next year. If he isn’t we won’t overpay.

  9. philmccracken says:
    May 27, 2021 at 11:30 am
    7-9 teams should probably make more of an effort to keep their best players happy.

    Maybe 13-3 teams should better communicate their intentions to their starting QB and not give up on him so quickly.

    A few more weeks rest after a major neck injury last season is nothing to get worried about. He has been in contact with Andre Patterson assistant head coach and sending him videos of his off season workouts.

  10. danicafallsinlove says:
    May 27, 2021 at 1:57 pm

    A few more weeks rest after a major neck injury last season is nothing to get worried about.
    Major neck injury?
    I heard it was just a tweak.

  11. Packers are 9-10 win team without the help of the zebras, whenever you play the Packers you’re already at 25% negative odds.
    Without Rodgers prepare yourselves for mid single-digit win seasons at best.

  12. This is just like last year when all of the media was saying Dalvin Cook will hold out. Well Cook eventually said he didn’t say that and was in camp. Another story created by the media. Hunter has no leverage to hold out and has to prove he has recovered from his injury before he will get an extension.

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