Janoris Jenkins claims his Rolls-Royce was stolen from Atlanta airport

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There’s a Rolls-Royce rolling around Atlanta that belongs to Titans cornerback Janoris Jenkins.

Via TMZ.com, Jenkins claims that his $250,000 vehicle was stolen from the airport in Atlanta after he parked it there before a flight out of town. He left the vehicle on May 5. It was missing when he returned on May 26.

Jenkins complained about the situation on social media, explaining that airport authorities have security footage of the car entering but no footage of the car leaving. The Atlanta Police Department has opened an investigation.

Jenkins capped his social-media post by saying that he’s “now short a quarter million dollars of an asset that I own with no help from this airport.” Presumably, however, he has insurance on the car.

26 responses to “Janoris Jenkins claims his Rolls-Royce was stolen from Atlanta airport

  1. you dont park a rolls royce at the airport for 3 weeks. if my parents can afford a town car to drive them to the airport, certainly an nfl player can.

  2. “Parking the expensive car at the airport” sounds like not-very-smart strategy for getting out from under a “Oops, I really shouldn’t have bought that car” payment.

  3. You don’t park your Rolls at the airport for 3 weeks, unless of course you expect it to be stolen.

  4. Guys that choose material items as status symbols, instead of achievement as a status symbol, leave mediocre legacies.

  5. I get that some folks like to show off their wealth by driving cars like this. But even if I could afford it, I couldn’t bring myself to buy it. I’d be living in a perpetual state of anxiety hoping it didn’t get scratched or dinged — let alone STOLEN.

  6. Oh, you mean I shouldn’t have left my dog with the penned baby-sitting alligators at the zoo for a few weeks? silly me..
    Most theives sure aren’t smart but you put it on a T for them Janoris.

  7. Gee whiz.

    I hope he had in$urance on it.

    Wouldn’t want to see him lose out on a $cam like that.

  8. Anyone who parks an automobile with a retail value of an average American house at an airport unattended for 3 weeks shows serious signs of having a subnormal iq.

  9. Money can’t buy brains. Does he not have a garage and the ability to call an Uber lol.

  10. He could have spent a fraction of $250K on a very good car then invested the rest. SMH.

  11. Judging by the tone of these comments, a lot of people here seem to think any crime is the victim’s fault.

  12. Bro that car ain’t an asset. It might be expensive but it’s losing value daily and not giving you any money in return.

  13. The obvious stupidity of parking a Rolls in the discount parking lot for nearly a month aside… it would seem to be an inside job that his ride was stolen. How do they NOT have footage of his car leaving the lot? They also would have needed the ticket to pay the exit fee. Yeah, his car was definitely stolen. It was by the people who work that lot.

  14. kw777 says:
    May 27, 2021 at 1:57 pm
    You don’t park your Rolls at the airport for 3 weeks, unless of course you expect it to be stolen.

    And you plan on committing insurance fraud.

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