Joe Judge: I’m proud to watch how Daniel Jones has worked


Quarterback Daniel Jones is heading into a critical third season with the Giants.

The sixth pick in the 2019 draft, Jones has shown some flashes in his first two years, but he’s compiled an 8-18 record as a starter. In 14 games last year, he threw for 2,943 yards with 11 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. He also rushed for 423 yards with a TD.

Wide receiver Sterling Shepard recently praised Jones’ leadership after organizing workouts for his teammates in April. On Thursday, head coach Joe Judge lauded the way Jones has made the effort to improve this offseason.

“Well first off, I’m proud in the way he works every day,” Judge said in his press conference. “This guy comes to work every day, and whatever phase of the season it is, if he’s hitting the weight room, if he’s in here getting treatment, if he’s on the field throwing with his teammates, if he’s organizing things outside of this building, this guy always has a plan and a mindset for how he’s going to attack things. And I’m proud to watch how he’s worked.”

Judge was also asked what he’d like to see from Jones as the offseason program continues, and didn’t delve into many details.

“In terms of what I look for with Daniel, it’s the same as every player. I look for him to come in, work their hardest, pay attention to details we’re coaching, put the team first,” Judge said. “And that’s really the biggest things we can ask them and this guy does it every time we walk in the building. Very proud of the way he’s working and looking for a little bit of improvement from every one of our players on a daily basis and every coach as well.”

Jones may be working hard now, but he’ll need that to pay off with positive results when the games start in September.