Johnathan Abram thinks his game will blossom this year

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Among the reasons why the Raiders have failed to break through since Jon Gruden returned as their head coach has been the failure of the team’s highest draft picks to succeed at the high levels one hopes to see from players selected so early in the process.

Two of those picks spent Wednesday talking about making that kind of impact in 2021. Defensive end Clelin Ferrell, who was the fourth pick in 2019, said he knows his work is “going to pay off” this year and safety Johnathan Abram, who went 27th that year, has a similar outlook.

Abram hurt his shoulder as a rookie and said it was a struggle coming back from that injury in an unusual offseason. That obstacle isn’t in place this year and Abram thinks it will lead to bigger and better things.

“I’m more than 100 percent, honestly,” Abram said, via Paul Gutierrez of “I’m as strong as I’ve ever been. This year, [the goal is] just being more consistent. Playing under control. Not really taking that many wild hits, getting myself knocked out of the game [and] hurting my own body . . . being consistent, being disciplined and constantly just doing my job. Filling my grade sheet with ‘plusses’ every day. Then every Sunday, I think my game will blossom.”

Breakout years from both defenders would be a welcome development in Las Vegas this season while more of the same would raise more questions about the direction the franchise has chosen over the last few years.

4 responses to “Johnathan Abram thinks his game will blossom this year

  1. Moehrig is going to make that defense so much better than in the past, but these guys need to step up!

  2. Hey, that tackle where he knocked himself out against the camera equipment was epic. That one wasn’t the problem so much as taking bad angles trying to get the massive hits.

    Look, the problem has been that we brought in level A talent and handed it off to a level D DC in Paul Guenther. The biggest offseason addition the Raiders made this year was Gus Bradley. A guy like Abram could turn into a monster in Bradley’s scheme, under his tutleage.

    So, we shall see.

  3. All people want to see out of Ferrell is sacks. Go look at his DE PFF rating for 2020. The kid is far from a bust, and still has every chance in the world to put it all together.

    It would be great if they’d stop moving him inside and just let him play DE and just live there, but that’s not going to happen, at least this year. So he’s going to have to do the best he can with what he has.

  4. Did he suddenly learn how to cover? He was the worst graded safety in football last year. I guess he can’t be any worse.

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