Return of two helmets remains possible for 2021


The NFL has been considering the possibility of dumping the rule that limits players to one helmet per season. That rule is unpopular for many, because it necessarily prevents teams from using throwback or alternative uniforms based on helmets with a different color than their base helmets.

According to the NFL, there’s still no update on the possible return of multiple helmets for 2021. Even though the issue wasn’t raised at the ownership meetings conducted this week, NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said that this change, if it happens, requires no discussion or vote among ownership.

The issue first emerged last year, when Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians mentioned that the Bucco Bruce throwbacks could return in Tampa for 2021.  Said the league at the time in response to an inquiry sparked by Arians’ comments: “There will be no change for the 2020 season. There are ongoing discussions for a potential change for the 2021 season, but no decisions have been made.”

It’s unclear when a change will need to be made in order to be implemented, if at all, for 2021. For teams like the Buccaneers or the Patriots to take advantage of the opportunity to use a white helmet with old-school uniforms, they’ll need time to get the uniforms ready to go.

Speaking of the possibility for Buccaneers and the Patriots throwbacks, that’s the only thing that could make their heavily-anticipated Week Four showdown in New England more compelling. Bucs in the creamsicles, Pats in the original Pat Patriot gear.

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  1. The NFL under the “leadership” of Roger Goodell, has made a number of arbitrary, unnecessary and plain head-scratching rule changes just for the sake of change. And are never able to give acceptable or rational reasons.

  2. This was such a dumb rule. Teams should be allowed an alternate helmet. Think of the revenue opportunities for teams sporting throwback unis. Or if your the Texans you can pretend to be another Franchise.

  3. The two helmet rule is the least this league can do as a goodwill gesture.

  4. This issue did not just recently come up last year. Philly tried getting this rule changed a few years ago. Such a lame rule.

  5. The old all white Patriot uniforms with the Pat Patriot helmet is one of the great all time looks.

  6. Love the throwbacks. Not a Lions fan, but theirs is amazing. There’s something about plain Honolulu blue, plain silver, no stripes, plain helmet. It just looks badass.

  7. Billions in profits but they don’t want to spring for extra helmets? Pathetic.

  8. mike624 says:
    May 27, 2021 at 8:41 pm
    Help the Rams correct their mistake.

    34 6 Rate This


    The coolest thing they could ever do is go back to the navy and white and use solid navy pants with the white jersey and white pants with a navy single solid stripe pant with the navy jersey.

    The Browns fixed their problem. The Rams can, too.

  9. Does it have anything to do (1 helmet) the whole concussion issue with the player’s union?

  10. This is long overdue. The novelty value would be tremendous. If we never get to see Brady in a classic creamsicle uni, it would be a huge missed opportunity.

  11. Hopefully it’ll happen sooner than later. Seeing Bucco Bruce and Florida Orange in action on the field really takes me back to a simpler time in life.

  12. The decision, whatever it may be, likely has little to do with fan or player favorites. Vicis, the maker of the hi-tech helmets is has lost a lot of revenue and may be facing possible bankruptcy. Wouldn’t be surprised if they contacted Goodell for another contract/additional sales. What with the pandemic, many high school and college programs cut back their schedules – severely impacting the manufacture and sales of the hi-tech helmets.

  13. Allowing throw backs and alternates would create a crazy frenzy for fans to buy more jerseys and gear. There’s ZERO reason not to allow it, other than the NFL can’t get out of its own way sometimes.

  14. Of all the illogical stuff the NFL will float out there has there ever been anything crazier than claiming brand new helmets are somehow dangerous and inferior to older helmets? But let’s pretend that might be true: There’d have to be some break in period before wearing a new helmet else the league/helmet manufacturer would get sued if the guy got hurt. BUT… if that worked why wouldn’t they just break them in prior to selling them to the teams? And if it were a case of a helmet needing to be molded to individual players’ heads why couldn’t they just wear it for a while at practice to break it in? And what about guys who break helmets during games? They’re just handed a new inferior helmet and allowed to immediately go back to playing despite these risks? This fails every logic test you can come up with.

  15. Really don’t care what uniforms the players wear, with the exception of some of the color rush unis that are awful on the eyes, and the Steelers bumble bee throwbacks for the same reason.

    Other than that it matters nothing to me what unis they wear.

  16. I understand there’s a QB whose head has gotten so big he can wear 2 helmets at the same time.

  17. It’s always been about control of the athletes with Goodell, that’s why the owners love him.

  18. Kelly green helmets with the silver wings , back to the future ! Jeffery Lurie has been asking for this helmet change for a few years now. Lets get on with it .

  19. What could possibly be the leagues position on limiting the number of different helmets each time can use? Other than total control, there’s no sane explanation. They should be able to introduce a different design each game as long as it’s in they’re color scheme IMHO.

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