Russell Wilson working out in San Diego, not with Seahawks

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The Seahawks, unlike many teams, do not have many players attending their organized team activities this week. Coach Pete Carroll said fewer than 40 players practiced today.

“I support these guys. I support the decision that they’ve made,” Carroll said.

Starting quarterback Russell Wilson is among those not attending the voluntary work in Seattle.

Wilson instead is working out on his own in San Diego, Carroll said. Backup Geno Smith also is absent, leaving the Seahawks with Danny Etling and Alex McGough at the position.

Carroll said he has talked to Wilson, who appeared in social media posts last week while working out in Southern California.

“Russ has had a number of guys come visit and work out down where he is in San Diego,” Carroll said. “And so, the quarterback position for us is very competitive. This is a really cool time for these guys learning the offense. . . . It’s a fun challenge for these guys, and they’re taking it to heart.”

Carroll has downplayed the public frustration expressed by Wilson early this offseason and said last week that Wilson was fired up to play another season in Seattle. Wilson, though, hasn’t spoken publicly in weeks, and on June 2, the 2021 cap cost to the Seahawks for a trade of Wilson will drop to $13 million.

Wilson, 32, has spent nine seasons in Seattle, producing a 107-52-1 record, including the postseason. He has earned seven Pro Bowl honors and has 33,946 passing yards and 267 touchdowns in his career.

12 responses to “Russell Wilson working out in San Diego, not with Seahawks

  1. One would have thought the Broncos situation with Juwann James would change players working out away from the team but apparently it hasn’t.

  2. Reporting on who’s at OTAs and who’s not at OTAs is really getting old. The only players who should report to OTAs are rookies (or players who sat last year as rookies and have no playing time) and players switching teams. The veterans shouldn’t have to report, but they should also make sure not to get hurt because it CLEARLY states in their contracts that they can be penalized for not working out at a team facility.

  3. Well, yeah… It’s probably raining in Seattle. It hasn’t rained in San Diego in 16 years.

  4. He is getting ready to move to Vegas, Gruden goes all in with all his 1st’s and 2nds (3 years worth) plus Carr.

  5. So on one side you have Pete Carroll chewing gum in Seattle. On the other side you have Ciara and San Diego. Let me mull that one over….

  6. He’s alllllllways worked out in San Diego during the off-season. Every year.

  7. Only 40 practicing isn’t good for Seahawks chances. Looks like a sign of internal issues

  8. In each player’s career, there is a time when they want to find ways to bond with teammates and improve their skills, and there is a time when it’s all about the money.

    Guess where Russell is now.

  9. JaminJake says:
    May 27, 2021 at 6:22 pm
    One would have thought the Broncos situation with Juwann James would change players working out away from the team but apparently it hasn’t.

    As usual, the non-QBs are expected to follow certain rules that Franchise QBs are not. If Wilson got hurt, Seattle isn’t cutting him or voiding his deal because there aren’t many QBs with Russ Wilson’s skillset and leadership qualities, so he’s all good.

  10. The Seahawks may have lucked into a good situation where Wilson’s comments and the response to those comments will make him play the 2021 season as if it were a contract year.

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